Each season poses a threat on various plumbing system. During the summers, the plumbing systems are used the most and hence, they require special plumbing maintenance and care. When summer arrives, make sure you follow these summer plumbing maintenance tips.

  1. Hot weather or drought can cause the land soil to expand. This results in cracks in the house. If you notice cracks in the corners of your wall or loose flooring, your house foundation is probably facing excessive heat effects.
  2. Check loose or leaky wall tiles by pressing them gently. If you feel the walls have become soft, you have water damages behind the tiles.
  3. Rock the toilet to check if the sealing material is depleting. If the toilet shakes when you move it back and forth, you need to call the plumber.
  4. Call a professional plumber and check if the sewer line is in good condition and working efficiently without any waste backflow.
  5. Check if the air conditioner drains are in good working condition and free from mold growth inside them. Also, make sure that the filter and drains aren’t clogged.
  6. Check the water heater. Make sure the temperature is not above 120°F to avoid it from scalding.
  7. Flush the water heater tank with several gallons of water to flush out the sediments and turn it off for summers.
  8. Check garden hose, washing machine and other hoses for bulges, cracks, or leaks due to the summer heat. Replace them if there are any defects.
  9. Turn on two faucets at different parts of your house (for example, the bathtub and kitchen faucets) simultaneously. If you notice that the water volume reduces in any of the faucets, your house pipes probably have mineral or debris deposit.
  10. If you notice low water pressure in your faucets, there are possibilities that your house pipes are expanding. The expanded pipes can lead to leaks, water supply malfunctions, or even pipe bursts.
  11. Keep a check on what you drain down your kitchen garbage disposal, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and drains. Clogging can become worse during summers as the pipes and garbage inside them expand.
  12. Make sure your toilet is functioning properly and is not clogged. Toilets are used the most during summer vacations.
  13. Check if the connections of all the fixtures, pipes, appliances and other plumbing system are tight and leak-free. The connections may loosen up because of the heat.
  14. Keep a check on the entire plumbing system and discover leaks. Don’t ignore even the most minor leak.

If you are unable to check certain plumbing components by yourself or if you want any kind of plumbing assistance, contact our Edmonton professional plumbers. We provide services for various plumbing issues that homeowners face. Contact us today to book your appointment for a plumbing inspection.

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