Home plumbing is equivalent to arteries. Without it, fresh water won’t be accessed in the house, and sewage and waste won’t get out. A house that does not have a plumbing system is one that can’t be lived in. That being said, no plumbing system survives forever. It has to be cleaned and maintained if you want it to work without any problems.
So, what are those problems that you need to be weary of and watch out for?
1. Running water in the Toilet
A problem that occasionally occurs but results in wastage of water is a leaking flush. The issue here is that you may not even realize that water is leaking from your flush since either the leak is quite silent, or the bathroom door is closed and you can’t hear the leak.
The issues could be due to the float ball not allowing the flap to close, or perhaps the flapper chain is at an incorrect position.
Running water from a leaking flush is a problem often ignored and results in wastage of water and a high water bill.
2. Clogged Pipes
The bane of any plumbing system is clogged pipe. A clogged pipe literally makes your sink or bathtub unusable. The reason a pipe usually gets clogged is because too much of refuse has gone down the pipe. Whatever you do, do not pour a cleanser down the pipe. While the cleanser’s corrosive nature will loosen the clog, it will eat into the pipe, causing a bigger problem for you.
You need to either use the plunger to get rid of it, or if possible, open the pipe and clear the clog yourself.
3. Congested Gutters
Always ensure the gutters on top of your roof are cleaned. If it snows or rains, you want the water to get off your home without leaking through, and that’s why you need cleaned gutters.
4. Damp Walls and Ceilings
This one should have a high priority, because if ignored, it will have very serious consequences for your home. A wall or ceiling that is off-colored, has a darker shade than usual, or spotted patches may be damp.
Once you suspect visually, it’s best to check by touching the wall. A damp wall or ceiling is causes by internal leak. The moisture will weaken the wood, cement and metal beams in your home. Your home’s structural integrity will be compromised. It’s best to have a professional plumber take a look at this.
Plumbing is vital for your home, always be aware and stay alert for any problems.

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