Damp walls are a common problem in many Edmonton house holds. It is irritating and frustrating when you don’t understand the cause and are unable to deal with it. There is no point blaming the construction because, with the amount of snowing and raining dampness is almost inevitable in Edmonton. It is better to understand the reasons behind damp walls and take some precautionary measures.

1. Rising damp

If you notice damp walls and damaged paint close to the flooring, then most probable culprit is rising damp. There are a few reasons this can happen.

  • Leaks in floor gutters or water pipes
  • Bad water proofing of the flooring
  • Rising level of ground waters

To avoid this problem, get the onsite drainage checked by a professional. Make sure there is enough room under floor board for the moisture to evaporate. And, lastly make sure you flooring is damp proof, get a water proofing done by professionals.

2. Condensation

Test a part of wall to see if your problem of dampness is due to condensation. Dry a piece of the usually wet wall with a blow dryer. Stick a dry tissue to the area with a tape. Observe after 24 hours. If the tissue is wet the problem is due to condensation.

In this scenario, get a dehumidifiers installed for your house or for a cheaper option go for exhaust fans. This problem is likely to occur in areas with less ventilation and air circulation.

3. Patches

Wet patches near your windows mean that the water is coming in through the gaps around the window frame. It can cause your beautiful windows to rot and your paint to fade and even damage some furniture if kept too close to window. Get water proofing done to your window seals and check it every year before the raining season starts. If the windows are too old, you might have to consider getting new window frames.

4. Leaks

Dampness around the ceiling or on a long stretch of wall is generally caused by leakage. If your roof structure is poor or a tile is missing, it can be a major cause. If not, then there are chances that your pipes are corroded or damaged, and water is leaking into your walls and weakening your whole structure. You should not ignore this. It can cause serious damage to your home.

It is advisable to take immediate action. Get your house inspected by professional plumbers and get a permanent solution for your piping. If your piping isn’t damaged too much you can go for epoxy piping which will save you a lot of money of re-piping. Call Pro Plumbing to get your house inspected if you suspect dampness due to leaks. They will provide you befitting solution to your needs. They are certified and licensed team of plumbers in the field since 20 years. Trust only the best when it comes to your home structure!

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