Did you know that the plumbing system of your home is not just limited to the visible pipes and those inside the walls? The pipes on your roofs are also included in the plumbing system of your home. The gas vent pipes and water pipes are included in the roof plumbing. Defects in these pipes can affect your roof and eventually the rest of your house. 
Here are a few telltale signs that signal the need of roof pipe maintenance

  • Wet Patches and Leaks from the Roof

If it is spring or summer and you still notice sudden wet patches on the ceiling or dripping from the roof, understand that something is surely wrong with your roof pipes. Water from broken or cracked roof pipes can spread over the roof and penetrate inside, through loose flashings and cracks in the roof. This water can create wet patches and also lead to leaks. The moisture in the roof can also result in peeling of paint.

  • Mold and Fungal Growth

The moisture in the roof can lead to moss, mold, and fungal growth on both sides of the roof. These growths are just the visible signs. The actual reason is that your roof is decaying from within and the rotting can spread to the other parts of the roof and then to the walls.

If you receive water with normal water pressure from the main supplying source of the region and still experience low water pressure in your house, there’s surely a leak somewhere. If you observe a sudden fall in the water pressure in faucets and appliances and if you don’t find any visible leaks in your plumbing system, go up to your roof and inspect or it’s best to call a professional plumber to do so. Leaks in the roof pipes can result in low water pressure throughout your house. 

  • Shaky Vent Pipe

Plumbing vent pipes are connected to the roof with a simple rubber collar. This rubber connection can deteriorate, crack, and break due to continuous exposure to the sun. This makes the pipe shaky and the pipes can even break the connection due to increased pressure. Check for cracks in the rubber connection and check if the pipes are loose or shaky

  • Clogged Vent Pipe

Every house has a vent pipe near the roof that eliminates waste gases from the toilet and kitchen. If you hear sounds from the pipe that connects to the roof vent, understand that the pipe is clogged. These pipes can get clogged due to broken rubber caps fitted on the mouth of vent pipes. Leaves, twigs, droppings of birds, and other debris can fall into the vent pipes and clog them.

It is best to call our professional plumbers in Edmonton if you observe any of these issues. Avoiding these signs can lead to major structural issues. Hence, it is better to avoid compromising with the efficiency and quality of your house.


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