Septic tanks are a very important utility for your household. But they can be a cause of big trouble if you have a septic tank emergency at the most unfortunate hour. Imagine you are hosting a party and your plumbing system starts back flowing at midnight. Be a wise home owner and get your septic tank inspected and maintained before you have an emergency. Here are some things you should do to prevent a septic tank emergency.

1. Get an inspection done

You might not be thinking much about septic tanks and their functions. Also, septic tanks aren’t very predictable. But if you have noticed recurring clogs or slow drains, you should get your septic tank inspected. Do it while it is still summer, because digging through winter snow for your septic tank will be more trouble and will cost you more. It is advisable to sign up with an annual service for your septic tank inspection.

2. Routine pumping

The best way to avoid all septic tank related surprises is to get it pumped regularly. The solid slug at the end of your tank needs to be cleared out otherwise it creates a lot of problems. It can contaminate your ground water and create health hazards. Schedule your septic tank pumping annually right before winters. Moreover, the inspection will tell you if your septic tank needs pumping or you are good to go another year.

3. Reduce water usage

Water usage should be reduced and spaced. Too much water rushing into the drainage system will unsettle your septic tank and cause it to back flow. Try to space your water usage timing. Take shorter showers and lesser hot tub baths. This will decrease your water utility bill and you will also do your bit for the society by conserving water. It is not advisable to empty your hot tub or you pool water into the septic tank. It can be a sure cause of a back flow.

4. Decrease the use of garbage disposal

A garbage disposal over use is also a major cause of overflowing septic tank. You can’t just force down tons of all sorts of thrash down the garbage disposal and expect it to disappear without trace. Certain things like eggs, coffee beans, bones, metal etc. don’t go into your garbage disposal. Be aware of those and minimize its use. Use the good old fashioned trash can for dumping your garbage. Your septic tank will be greatly thankful to the gesture!

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