An additional expense that winter brings apart from the Christmas gifts is the price of heating homes. Gas and heating are becoming costlier every year. But what many people don’t realize is that you could save upto 11% more and keep your house warm if you follow the guidelines given below.

1.      Programmable Thermostat

Research has shown that you can save 5 – 15% every year on your home energy costs by reducing your thermostat by 10-15 degrees for 8 hours each day. Surely you can always remember to set your thermostat back before you go to bed or before going to work, but then you run the chance of waking up or coming back to a cold home. Using a programmable model of a thermostat will save you the trouble of altering the temperature every time. Most programmable thermostats automatically adjust to daylight savings time and have an option for a manual override, if needed.

2.      Furnace maintenance

If your furnace is not working properly, it could be for many reasons. Check the batteries on your thermostat to ensure that it is not the problem. Next, check your filters and see if they are clogged. Clogged filters will increase your heating costs because the furnace will have to work harder. It is advised that you have the furnace inspected by the service company at least once a year, more often if it is an old system. Professional maintenance teams are better equipped to adjust your furnace and make it work cleanly and efficiently again. This will save you more money on costly repairs or even more costly replacements.  You can also make sure to replace the furnace filter every 2 months and vacuum the compartment, vents and ducts.

3.      Furnace Tune-ups

Whether you have a gas or electric burners, either can fall back on efficiency with years of use. Often times, the burners may refuse to work well if there are cracks in the heat exchanger i.e. the part where the heat and the furnace meet the air in circulation. Depending on the damage and costs, you can either choose to repair or replace. If you are thinking of replacing, the service team will be better suited to advice you on a suitable Energy Star Certified furnace to choose from. The furnaces are not only good in performance and energy efficient, they also help you save a lot.

The service team will also tune-up the ignition mechanism in the furnace that lights the fuel and check the pressure and carbon monoxide levels in the gas system. They will measure the temperature in the heating vents and calibrate your thermostat accordingly to make sure it shows the right temperature.

4.      Water heating

Installing a solar water heating system can reduce your utility bills by 50% every month. Get a hot water recirculation system so that you no longer have to wait for hot water to flow through the taps but can get hot water wherever you want immediately. This eliminates wasting and helps you save money on the water bill.

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