Without a faucet, you can access water at home. Faucets are used on a day to day basis and hence are always vulnerable to damage. So, if you are planning to get a new faucet installed for whatever purpose, it is essential to understand what your options are. There are a variety of different faucets available in the market that will suit your preferences. Each of the different faucets has different control mechanisms and have some advantages over each other.

Compression Faucet

One of the older faucets available in the market, the compression faucets have the twist and turn mechanism to control the flow of the water. They are the only type of faucet available in the market that uses valve. Valves form an important part of the faucet. Compression faucets are not really known for their durability and tend to malfunction quite often. The faucet received its name from the mechanism it uses to dispense water. The faucet’s valve compresses the rubber washer to cut out the connection of water. The entire mechanism depends on the compression of the valve and the washer.


Ball faucet

The ball faucet is a valve-less faucet. The ball faucets in many ways succeeded the valve faucet. These faucets only have one handle and a ball was located at the base of spout. The water flow to the mouth of the faucet controls movement of the ball. One of the major demerits of the ball faucet is the issue of frequent leakage. The metal of the ball in the faucet gets eroded quickly due to the continuous movement of the handle which in turn leads to leakage issues.

Cartridge faucet

Cartridge faucet is a valve-less faucet. The cartridge faucet is more sophisticated than the ball faucet. The water flow mechanism is controlled by a cartridge lever. The cartridge faucet requires minimum pressure to operate compared to the compression faucet and the ball faucet. The cartridge faucet can come in handy if you have small children around or if any of your family members have an arthritis problem. It can also quite beneficial to old people.

Ceramic disc faucet

If you are out looking for the latest in faucet technology, then ceramic disc faucet is it. Ceramic discs are responsible for the control of the water in this faucet. The working mechanism is absolutely the same as of cartridge lever with the only difference being that the ceramic discs are operated from left to right. Ceramic disc faucets dominate all of the above faucets as they are much less prone to damage or leaks.

The above mentioned faucets will help you select the right one for your place. There are a lot more options that you might want to explore depending upon the scene and setting of your home. If you are planning to replace your existing faucet with a brand new one then get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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