A cracked or a leaking pipe is a problem that needs to be immediately solved, otherwise your house will face a water crisis. The following steps will help you repair your pipes without calling a plumber.

Method 1

  • If the joint is the origin of the leak, use a wrench to tighten it. In case you find the leak comes from the damaged section of pipe, you will then have to repair it.
  • Patch the pipe using a heavy rubber and a C-clamp. For this purpose, you can also implement a store bought pipe patching kit.
  • You can also apply waterproof tape to the leaking section of the pipe. Before you start the application make sure that the pipe is completely dry and the tape should be covering at least to 3 inches of the leaking section on either side.
  • Another way of making the leak stop is by rubbing a compound stick on the crack or leak, if in case the the crack or the hole is small. You can procure these compound sticks at any hardware shops.
  • You can also apply epoxy paste to the leaking section of your pipe. Before applying make sure that you turn off the water.

Method 2

  • Before starting with this, shutoff the main water valve and make sure you drain the damaged line.
  • Find the section of the pipe where the leak is present and cut that section with a pipe cutter. Make sure that you leave an inch of extra pipe on either side of the damaged area.
  • Ensure that you clean any corrosion on the inside of the pipe using a wire fitting brush and the outside of the pipe using a plumber’s sand cloth or emery paper.
  • You can apply flux to the remaining pipe.
  • Use couplings to slide the replacement piece in.
  • Make sure that you apply solder all around the joint. You can use a propane torch to accomplish this. A fiber shield is much advised if the pipe is near you walls.

Method 3

  • You can apply a self adhesive drip tape to insulate the pipes that are sweating and have a lot of condensation.

Method 4

Make sure that you open your tap before you begin with the thawing process. This process will allow the steam to escape from the pipe when the thawing is in progress.
Start by applying heat to the pipe. Make sure that you begin thawing close to the faucet using one of the methods described below,

  • Use a heavy towel or burlap bag to wrap the pipe. Then, pour hot water over it. Set a bucket under the towel to catch the water.
  • Move a propane torch back and forth along the pipe. Remember to not leave the flame in one place for too long.

The above methods will help you fix your cracked pipe. Some of the methods described above are dangerous if you have no prior experience with thawing. In case you are inexperienced and don’t know what you are getting into, then it is always better to get in touch with an experienced plumbing professional.

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