If you don’t screw up your home’s plumbing, our plumbing professionals would get no opportunity to serve you. It is important that you know what messes up your plumbing so that you will be able to prevent plumbing problems. There are many plumbing tips and tricks that you can use to improve your home’s plumbing, but not many plumbing tips and tricks you know of to screw it up. Our plumbing professionals suggest some ways in which you can screw up your plumbing.

Using Too Much Drain Cleaner
Drain cleaners are effective and can be relatively safe when used carefully and as directed by the plumbing professionals on the right kind of clog. But if the drain cleaners are used in large amounts, they can lead to corrosion. They corrode some drain materials and can make the clogs, even more worse. It is not great for the plumbing either, who come to clear out the clogs.

Screwing Into The Wall With Hidden Plumbing Pipes

Screwing, cutting or nailing into the walls that have hidden plumbing pipes might cut the pipes leading to a leak. This cut no matter how big or small might create great plumbing problems. And it is very difficult for the plumbers to fix this problem as the pipes are hidden in the wall. So, screwing with the wall with hidden plumbing pipes will definitely screw your home’s plumbing.

Pouring Grease Into The Sink

Very often we pour grease down the sink and frequently it clogs the drains and pipes. Although the grease goes down the drain, it creates problems after getting down there. While the grease is hot, it is in the liquid form and flows down very easily. But the pipes in your home are not heated enough to keep the grease in the liquid form. Thus, when the grease comes in contact with the cold water in the drains, it solidifies. Pouring grease every day in the sink might cause major clogging.

Flushing Improper Items Down The Toilet

​The toilet isn’t a trash can. The toilet is designed only to take in human poop. Any other stuff flushed down might lead to plumbing problems. If you throw all the things you don’t want into the toilet, it will lead to toilet clogging. To prevent plumbing problems, you need to know that not all things belong to the toilet.

These plumbing tips and tricks tell you what you have been doing wrong all this while and if you stop doing this, you will be able to prevent plumbing problems and keep the plumbing professionals far away.

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