​Your home or business will require routine plumbing maintenance despite all your best efforts to protect and maintain your plumbing system. Proper use of your plumbing, however, makes the difference between monthly and yearly maintenance or repair. The truth is that many people believe they are following best plumbing practices while unknowingly making common mistakes that can cause gradual damage to their plumbing system. Let’s take a look at some home plumbing mistakes which can damage your plumbing.

Leaving Hoses Connected During Winter
This is a common plumbing mistake that one must assume is caused most often by extreme laziness. Unlike holiday lights, hoses can cause damage when left out all year: they can lead to freezing of the sillcock (outdoor faucet) or its water supply pipe.

Using too Much Drain Cleaner

Drain cleaners are advertised as the best solution to draining clogs, however drain cleaners are corrosive in nature. Over a period of time, overzealous use of drain cleaners will result in a variety of plumbing issues. Due to its corrosive nature, drain cleaners will eat into your plumbing system cause more problem that solving your clogging problem.

Pouring Chemicals
You might not think twice about using chemicals like drain cleaner, chlorine bleach, paint and even anti-bacterial soaps. These chemicals kill the essential waste-eating bacteria in the septic tank, and you can guess the result. Pouring chemicals in the sewage system is one of the very common home plumbing mistakes.

Using Vent Pipes
There are reports of homeowners running things like TV cables down the plumbing vent pipes that come up through their roofs. Seems like a tempting solution to getting into the house, but vent pipes aren’t just there for their bad looks. Using vent pipes will give entry to some grave plumbing issues. They not only provide air to drains inside the house, to prevent a suction effect that inhibits drainage; they also get rid of sewer gases that come up from the main sewer of the city.

Joining two Different Metals in Piping
DIY plumbers beware: When dissimilar metals, such as copper and steel, are touching, a process called galvanic action leads to corrosion. These are some home plumbing mistakes that you should avoid. Corrosion leads to leaks. Such joints must be made with a dielectric union or other approved fitting.

All these are hints which indicate that you have plumbing issue. But there can be times when things go overboard and you might need a quick and best service. Pro Plumbing offers you one of the best services when it comes to solving the home plumbing mistakes.

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