Plumbers today are not the people you call just to fix that overflowing toilet. Their job encompasses a whole lot of things ranging from various waterworks to electrical work in the house. They can deal with faucet issues, set up the gas in the kitchen, install a new device in the shower, improve your cooling system and more. Hence, you may have the plumber visiting your house one a month and if not, at least twice a year.Plumbers usually work on contracts and don’t be surprised if they try to scam their way through by increasing costs or making you buy a new, useless plumbing part. Well, here’s what you need to know about the lies and long tales of bad plumbers who want to increase the bill.

1.      Wrong Estimated Costs

It is actually tough for a plumber to give an estimated cost for a plumbing job and often, many plumbers who give low quotes are just giving inaccurate estimates. These inaccurate estimates will result in the costs becoming more than the original plumber gave.

When you are on the hunt for a plumber to take the job, ensure that you check with at least three to four of them. Additionally, get each one of them to outline what the job will entail. Don’t hesitate to ask a plumber why his price is higher or lower than others.

2.      Throwing in Extra Workers

Does it feel like an army of plumbers are walking in and out of your home? Often to justify a price increase, the plumbing service sends in more than one plumber for a one man job. The only reason there should be an extra worker for a one man job is if the plumber is mentoring someone.

Find out before hand how many plumbers are needed for the job so the service can add more later on.

3.      Pushing you to Buy an Unnecessary Product 

The plumber can easily push an unaware customer to purchase an expensive product and worse, they may even switch the part for low grade one. Find out what parts the plumbers wants and for what. With the internet, you can do a bit of research and ensure that you aren’t having your pockets pulled. You should also visit a few hardware stores and make sure that you are getting the best price for the product.

4.      High Cost for First Labour Hours 

You may be required to pay the plumber for the whole hour even though the fixing the leaking faucet took 15 minutes. A plumber will charge you a minimum labour charge and that is okay. What is not okay is that he is taking advantage of you and taking money for a small task.

Talk to the plumber before and ensure both of you can settle on a reasonable price.

5.      Squeeze the Affluent Neighbourhood

The plumber assumes he can squeeze out more money if your house is located in an affluent neighbourhood. Speak to others plumbers and customers and find out the rates charged and paid so you know you aren’t being charged extra.

Next time you plan on hiring a plumber, keep these points in mind and ensure you are getting the best price possible.

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