Clogged drains are hard to avoid and are nightmares to deal with. A lot of homeowners prefer pouring liquid drain cleaners to instantly get rid of the clogs. What they fail to understand is that liquid drain cleaners are just the temporary solutions with several harmful effects. Yes, you read it right. Below are 5 reasons how they are not-so-good options and you must avoid them.


1. Damage The Pipes

Most liquid drain cleaners are formulated with highly reactive acids, generally hydrochloric acid. While clearing the clogs, these highly corrosive cleaners also react with the inner surfaces of the plumbing pipes. They react with the metallic pipes and melt or deform the PVC pipes. Continuous use of these cleaners erodes the pipe surfaces and damage them extensively. These damages can also lead to cracks or broken pipes and leakages.

2. Harmful To Your Health

If the chemicals in these liquid drain cleaners can damage your plumbing pipes, just imagine how they can affect you and your loved ones. Drain cleaners, particularly the off-brand and inexpensive ones, have high toxicity levels. The fumes released from these cleaners may cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and affect throat and lungs of your and your family. Some cleaners are also hazardous to touch, and if they come into contact with your skin, they can cause burns.

3. Not 100% Effective

Liquid drain cleaners cannot be guaranteed to work in every situation. Sometimes, the clogs can be due to the broken pipe, internal corrosion, and other plumbing problem. Using these expensive drain cleaners for these problems will be a waste. However, using these cleaners on a recurring basis can just ruin your entire plumbing system.

4. Affect The Environment

The harmful chemicals in these liquid drain cleaners are also hazardous for the environment. These chemicals are some of the biggest pollutants and pollute the area surrounding your home and even far away. The gases that are emitted from the reaction that takes place between these chemicals and the metallic pipes is unpleasant and is harmful to nature. Some of these smell even worse than rotting waste or dead bodies. The chemicals that are drained in the seas and rivers affect the marine life.

5. May Lead To Cracked Toilets

These cleaners are not only bad for your plumbing pipes but also for the toilets. The chemicals are meant to heat up when in use. This heat helps in dissolving the clogged materials and clearing the clogs. If you pour these cleaners in your clogged toilets, there are very high chances of the cleaners not getting fully flushed. They remain in the bottom of the toilet bowl, causing the heated liquid to crack the porcelain.

The best way to unclog even the most severe clog is with professional help. Call our Edmonton professional plumbers if you have minor or major clogs anywhere in your home’s plumbing system. With the help of the in-depth knowledge, years of experience, and right tools and equipment, we ensure that we provide satisfactory plumbing services.

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