When was the last time you renovated your bathroom? Has it been a very long time since you replaced the plumbing system in your bathroom? If yes, then maybe it’s time for your bathroom renovation. Here are a few reasons that your bathroom needs a plumbing renovation.

  • Faucets that don’t get Repaired

Do you consistently face the issue of leaky faucets and showerheads? Does the problem never gets solved, even after repeated professional repairs? If yes, then surely there’s a serious issue with your plumbing fixtures. Generally, the leakage and low water pressure in the faucets should be fixed with multiple repairs. But if they don’t even after repeated repairs, you need an entire renovation and fix new faucets.

  • Shaky Hardware

If your bathroom hardware like your toilets, bathtubs, and wash basins shake when you use them, this means that the sealing has depleted. Another sign of depleting hardware seal is leakage. If you notice water dripping from the connection of the hardware, understand that the seal has a crack or a hole, or maybe the seal has depleted. Shaky hardware can lead to many problems in the future and hence, it is better to fix the problem beforehand.

  • Extremely Slow Drains

Water should easily pass through the bathroom drains at a normal speed. But if you notice it takes forever for the water to drain in your bathroom, then there is surely a clog somewhere in your bathroom drainage system. Sometimes, the DIY ways to unclog the drains won’t be sufficient to get rid of the clogs. In such a case, you will need bathroom renovation.

  • Rumbling Sounds from pipes

Sediment buildups cause rumbling sounds when water passes through them. Sediment can build in your plumbing pipes over the years. Homes that receive hard water supply face this problem even more. This narrows down the passage for water flow and every time water flow through the pipes, a rumbling sound is created. The sediment can further reduce the passage and can even result in cracked pipes in extreme cases. To avoid such problems, you must replace the plumbing pipes in your bathroom.

  • Mold Growths Everywhere

Mold growth in the bathroom is a common thing. It generally occurs due to excessive moisture there. But if the humidity levels in your bathroom are low and you only notice mold growth patches on your wall, it may be an indication that you have an internal leakage. Often, the pipes inside the walls leak and it is difficult to identify this. Wet and mold patches on the walls are signs that you need renovation.

If you are already experiencing these signs in your bathroom, it’s time you think about renovating it. Consider renovating your bathroom and replacing the plumbing system and fixtures. Don’t ignore the warning signs and call our 
Leduc plumbing and heating experts in Edmonton.

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