While you may paint, clean and maintain your home regularly, there may be one home aspect that you’re missing. Plumbing is one of the major bases of any house. The problems in plumbing could lead to issues which usually people do not realize as it is hidden. Certain home plumbing repairs can be done by you, while others shouldn’t be. Here are a few signs which show that your home plumbing is failing and it is time to call professional plumbers:
Damp Walls 
The main framework of plumbing is dependent on the pipelines. Leaking pipes are one of the major concerns of a bad plumbing job. These pipes are either hidden behind the walls or are placed in the basement which makes it difficult for one to identify the problem. The sign of leaking pipes which is evidently visible is damp walls. One should not ignore it and call professional plumbers immediately as it is the beginning of any major plumbing issue.

Colored Water

The other tell-tale sign of bad plumbing is colored water. Often the water coming from the facet is reddish brown. This signifies that the pipes in the house are rusty and need to be changed. If the water is green in color, it signifies corrosion of the copper plumbing.

Leaking Faucets

Usually, we ignore the little drops of water leaking out of the faucet. One should not ignore it as it is another sign of bad plumbing. The leakage could be due to the lack of proper residual water drainage or due to an ill-fitted valve. Getting it checked is necessary to avoid problems in the future. It could also mean that 
the life expectancy of your faucet or plumbing pipes has run out. 

Decreased Water Pressure

After being used to good water pressure, it gets annoying when the water pressure suddenly decreases. It is not just annoying but it is also a matter of concern as it’s a red flag for bad plumbing. Low water pressure is a sign of clogged pipes. It is something which can be taken care of on your own if not a very big clog. But major clogs do require the attention of professional plumbers.

Slow Water Draining

The other sign of issues in your plumbing it the slow drainage of water. A broken pipe could be a reason for slow drainage of water. This, in turn, leads to water leakage or accumulation of water in the main pipe. Such kind of accumulation of water could lead to mold, damp walls and weakening of the structure.

Many of the signs mentioned above do not seem trivial enough to call professional plumbers, but that’s not how it is. The problem may seem small to begin with but could lead to bigger issues. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems, do not waste any more time and book an appointment with professional plumbers in Edmonton.

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