Even though plumbers earn their living through repairing and installing plumbing systems in your house, there are certain things that they want you to know. This is so that you can avoid getting into any difficult situation because of various plumbing defects. Here are some things that your plumber thinks that you are already aware of.

1. What is Allowed to Enter the Drains and What not
Not every disposable item is meant to go in the sink, basin, or toilet. They are not dustbins! Plumbers think that you already know that oil or any greasy material drained in the sinks can just coagulate to form solids in the plumbing system. Treating garbage disposal or commode as trash drains by flushing food and waste scraps will just result in severe clogging. Also, to treat any kind of clogs, homeowners pour strong chemicals in the drains. This can ruin the lifespan of your plumbing system and hence, it should be avoided.
2. Water Valve Shut-off is Important 
A lot of plumbing defects and related disasters can be subdued by simply shutting off the water valve before moving away for a while. Water can destroy your home’s structural integrity in many cases and any kind of leakage or other issues can take place in your absence. Hence, plumbers inform you to shut-off the valve and clear the water lines before going on a vacation.
3. Taking Care of Water Heater is Necessary
Tucked in the basement or closet, water heaters receive attention only when there is no hot water running in the taps. Professional plumbers in Edmonton say that water heaters need much more care than this. They expect us to keep a regular eye on the proper functioning of all its parts. It is advisable to flush the tank at least once in a year. It is also necessary to check the anode for rust, once in a year. Plumbers want us to understand the importance of it and clear the mineral deposits if any. It’s perfect to call them instead of doing it yourself.
4. Knowing DIY Limits
Failing to understand the seriousness, homeowners often try to fix the plumbing defects all by themselves. This may at times, work in the correct way only if you have some hands-on experience, otherwise, you may worsen the situation. Plumbers expect homeowners to know that there are certain things only professionals can deal with. You may not have enough knowledge about the issue or the way to deal with it. Inappropriately tackling plumbing issues can prove to be dangerous for the plumbing system and your house as well.5. Importance of Overall Maintenance
Plumbers expect homeowners to stay updated with the proper functioning of the entire plumbing system in their houses so that they can identify the defect and call the for help. Regular maintenance of even a small spigot is necessary to avoid any major plumbing defects later. Plumbing system won’t take care of itself, you are responsible for it. Look for even the slightest of the leaks.

Right from a clogged drain to improper functioning of the water heater, no plumbing problem is easy to fix. DO NOT ignore any kind of plumbing defect. Think twice before repairing anything on your own and for everything else, call the professional plumbers in Edmonton. They are just a call away for any kind of plumbing tips, repairs or maintenance work.

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