Does your drain clog frequently? It is probably because you aren’t working on your sewer line cleaning regularly. Regular sewer line maintenance is very important to keep a clean, flowing and unclogged drainage system.

How to do that? here’s how.

Enzyme cleaners once a month
Although this is a debatable topic, you could try and use an enzyme cleaner, and NOT chemical cleaners for sewer line maintenance. Try it out once and if it helps in the sewer line cleaning, continue using it. Enzyme cleaners are better for your pipes, your health and the environment overall than the harsh chemicals that are frequently used in commercial cleaners. Use the drain cleaner once a month and no more than that.

Keep all kind of plantation away from the sewer

Many times sewers get clogged because of the roots of the trees. Roots of the trees grow into the sewers and they clog them and can even destroy the sewer pipe if they’re left unchecked. Even sewer line maintenance of pipes becomes a hassle because of the proximity of the trees. So make sure all of your trees and plants are farther from the sewer line.

Don’t flush things down the toilet
The only thing that should ever be flushed down the toilet aside is human waste and toilet paper. Sanitary napkins and other hygiene products can clog pipes and lead to more serious plumbing problems. Also remember not to treat your garbage disposal as a place to dispose off anything and everything. Non-food items should stay out of the list entirely. So should hard foods like popcorn and meat bones.

Start at your home

When you are about to work on sewer line cleaning or maintenance, you need to begin at the obvious source: the home. There is no need to start digging up the pipe in your backyard or call a plumber, if things do get clogged. This, of course, can change if you are staring at raw sewage sitting on top of your lawn. If your toilets are backed up and the sink is not draining then the culprit is most likely in the pipes at home. Bottomline – always keep the drains clean.

Replace old pipes

Pipes tend to corrode over several years. If you live in an older home with clay or lead pipes, consider having them replaced. This is much easier to do before there is a serious clog and you have to first clear the clog and clean all the mess, and later on replace the old broken pipes. Be proactive not reactive.

If you have problems with your sewer line maintenance, do not hesitate to contact professionals such as Edmonton plumbers. They will help you keep maintain the plumbing aspects of your household.

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  • Bram

    August 13, 2018 | Reply

    Being proactive and not reactive can save you lots of time, money, and stress. I loved that you said that here about replacing sewage pipes. Do you have any videos on how to do that? Thanks!

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