Water heaters are a very important appliance, especially in cold regions like Edmonton. They aren’t exactly cheap and easy to replace. So, it is important to maintain your current water heater well so that it doesn’t break down before its time. A well-functioning water heater feels like a blessing in cold winter mornings, but it can immediately turn into a nightmare if it doesn’t work well. Being attentive and careful will save you a lot of trouble and will be easier on your pocket too. Learn how to keep your water heater in good shape.

1.Adjust thermostat to optimum temperature

Adjust your thermostat to 50 degrees Celsius. It will save about 5% electricity and you can optimally heated water. Supposed you have your thermostat set at 75 degrees Celsius, it will try to maintain 75 degrees Celsius even when you aren’t using it, which is a huge waste of electricity. It is also harder to maintain a higher temperature on other parts of the heater. Plus it will save you from scalding burns.

2. Maintain 2 feet of clearance

Always keep two feet area around your tank water heater clear. It is important for your safety and prevents any damage. Under no circumstances should the water tank experience weight or pressure from outside. It is very risky and could be damaged under the pressure.

3. Notice noises

If you are hearing weird noises from the water heater, it is probably because of sediment build it. These sediments need to be cleared out regularly. However take professional help if you aren’t 100% sure that you know what you are doing.

4. Check the pressure relief valve

Quickly discharge the pressure relief valve two or three times to check if it is working properly. Also, check for drips or leaks. It is important to your water heater that the pressure relief valve is functioning properly and isn’t leaking.

5. Examine the anode rod

Check your anode rod every 3 years. You will know it is time to replace if – it is coated with calcium, less than ½ inch thick, or the core steel wire is visible for more than 6 inches. In any of these 3 situations you should immediately replace your anode rod. This way you can save your tank from rusting and increase its life.

All these tips will help you make sure you water heater is running well. But even after all the maintenance sometimes the water heater fails. You can contact Pro Plumbing and seek their professional assistance for your plumbing problems. They are the experts in their field for over 20 years.

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