Water wastage is something you should not take lightly. If you are wasting water at home, there is something that you should do about it. Apart from the fact that your utility bill is increasing unnecessarily, you are also wasting water.
Here are 6 no brainier ways you can save water at home.1. Check the Flush

​Most flush leaks go unnoticed because the leak happens inside the toilet and is generally unheard. After you pull the flush, wait for a minute to make sure that water does not continue to flush down the toilet bowl.
The problem may be with the toilet float or the flapper. Adjust the floater and make sure that it is working correctly. When you pull the flush, ensure the flapper opens and closes correctly. There is a possibility that your flapper is worn out, so it may have to be replaced.

2. Fix the Faucet

Take a look at all your faucets and ensure that all of them are close and don’t drip out water. If you do find a leaking faucet, fix it. Open the faucet. Ensure the nut is tight and inspect the O-ring and washer. If either the O-ring or the washer looks worn out, it probably is and needs to be replaced. It’s vital that you pick the O-ring with the right fit.

3. Use Dish Washer

Dish washer user water very methodically as compared to washing by hand. In a day, a person uses 10.5 liters while washing dishes by hand. The dishwasher, on the other hand, utilizes 2.27 liters to wash the same amount of water.

A dishwasher is more efficient than human hands, so just use it!

4. Use the Bucket

Sure, a shower may feel great, but it wastes a ton of water, 130 liters to be exact. A bucket does not. It gives you the exact amount of water you need for a bath. You can limit showers to once a week.

5. Water your Lawn Right

Having a lawn and a backyard is nice. An average home utilizes 363.4 liters for watering. That’s a glaring misuse of water.

  • Don’t use a pipe to water your lawn
  • Use a sprinkler system
  • If you have a small garden, drip irrigation is quite effective
  • Water your plants during the early morning or evening hours to reduce the effects of evaporation

6. Get Rid of Old Water Heater

If you have an old water heater, chances are that you have the conventional water heater. Conventional water heaters are inefficient at heating water, resulting in water wastage. A tankless water heater provides hot water on demands, consumes less power and efficiently utilizes water.

Water is a precious resource and you shouldn’t let it go in waste. Use these tips and see your utility bill taking a drop.


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