It is surprising how the garbage disposal is usually responsible for more residential plumbing calls than any other home appliance. By understanding what foods are fine for the disposal and which aren’t, you can save your valuable time and money
Let’s look at things that are capable of ruining your garbage disposal.

1. Bones
Although the remnants of chicken tenders are fine for disposal, but it is important that you avoid putting chicken bones or any kind of bones down the drain. Even the very small bones can wreak havoc on the blades and bring them to a stop.

2. Egg Shells
It is extremely unpleasant to bite down on a piece of shell when enjoying a plate of eggs. Just try to think of your disposal system in the same manner. The membrane that is clings to the inside of the shell that can usually get wrapped around the blades and cause unwarranted problems.

3. Coffee Grounds
Many people are in the habit of dumping coffee grounds in the sink instead of dumping them in the trash. If you do this, then this mistake can be expensive for you. Coffee grounds cling to the drain trap and cause clogs over time.

4. Fruits, Veggies, and Their Peels
Fruits and vegetables can create an unimaginable stench if left in the trash for too long. Because of this, many homeowners get into the habit of putting them in the garbage disposal. Much of this produce is too fibrous and hard for the disposal to properly handle.

5. Pasta
This Italian cuisine is very much capable of destroying your garbage disposal system, forcing you to call the plumber. As you may have noticed while cooking, pasta tends to expand when it gets wet. As pasta is very sticky when wet, it ends up clinging to the sides of your pipes, which in turn ends up creating a clog that only a professional is capable of removing.

6. Oil and Grease
These are two of the most notorious villains that act against your garbage disposal. Make it a point to never ever, ever, put cooking oil or grease down the drain, irrespective if you having a garbage disposal or not. After they’ve cooled, they tend to harden and clog up the pipes.

It is essential that you protect your disposal from the above mentioned things. One of the best things you can do to make your disposal last long is to simply use it less often. Starting a compost is also a good way to lessen the burden of your disposal system, and it will also allow you to reduce pollution and conserve water.

In case you’ve already run into trouble with your garbage disposal, contact Pro Plumbing for a speedy and effective fix.

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