People need plumbers. That’s the universal truth. And here are some reasons why plumbers will never feel unwanted!

1. People forget to disconnect the hose during winterCall it laziness or just ignorance but this is a very common reason that people need a plumber for. If hose pipes are left out all year it causes damage by freezing of the sillcock.

2.People sometimes use vents for other things other than venting

Because they can! People put all sorts of wires and cables down a vent pipe. Vent pipes are meant to provide air to the drains inside houses and to prevent the suction that stops drainage usually. They also help in ridding your home of sewer gases that come up from the main city sewer. Don’t want to push those cables in there now, do you?

3. People use too much drain cleaner

Drain cleaners corrode the drains walls. Although, they are meant to unclog drains and are actually quite affective, when used in excess they can even do the opposite.

4. People usually screw things into the wall without checking for hidden plumbing pipes

Screwing or nailing things into the wall has been known to puncture pipes many times in the past. And God forbid if someone decided to use a saw instead of a hammer and nail!

5. People try to go DIY

Sometimes when a person is attempting plumbing themselves they may get the technique bang on but there are small things that only your plumber can tell you. When dissimilar metals like copper and steel touch there’s a galvanic action that occurs. This leads to corrosion and corrosion usually leads to leaks.

6. People tend to pour stuff down drains

Grease is superb at clogging drains. It kind of makes calling a plumber inevitable to that household. In other new, so is  the soap we use to shower. Another famous clogger is the food that goes from our plates into the magical land of sewers, where we assume that food magically turns to liquid once down the drain. In reality, potato peels turns in to gooey clumps that clog our drains. The same applies to our toilets.

The best thing to do is, stay informed about the damage you could be causing to your drain pipers before you can expect a huge smelly disaster to come gurgling up your drains.  Go give your plumber a big hug today! Contact Edmonton Plumber Today

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