Daily usage of soap and grease in the bathroom and sinks leads to clogs in the drains. You can stop these clogs if you take preventive measures however, you can’t stop using soap in the bathroom. To ensure that the usage of soap does not lead to clogging, you need to get cleaning of your drains done. You should clean bathroom sink and tub from time to time. This will keep the problem of clogs away and save you a lot of money on fixing major drain cleaning problems.

Here are some tips that you can use to keep your bathroom tub and sink clean:

Prevent Soap Buildup

You can use a liquid shower gel instead of a bar soap. It will eliminate the soap deposits in the drain and make your bathroom cleaning easy. Bar soap contains talc that combines with the body oils and minerals from the water, it dries up like a cement. If you don’t clean bathroom sink and tub daily, such soap buildups can be difficult to remove. To prevent this problem, you should replace your soap with a liquid shower gel.

Monthly Cleaning
You can give the pipes a preventive cleaning every month or two, to keep them clean of the grease, oil and hair clogs. By doing this task regularly, you will be able to keep major drain clogging problems away. No one likes to clean drains, so, keep them clean at all times and you won’t have to go through the drain cleaning procedures.

Use Baking Soda
Do pour ½ cup of baking soda down the drain, then add ½ cup white vinegar. This mixture will foam up. Keep it for a while as it will dissolve all the fatty acids. Then pour boiling water down the drain to clear out all the clogs.

Use a Toilet Plunger

With the help of a plunger, you can suck out any clogs in the drains. Keep plunging until the drain is cleared out. This method will not be useful at all times, but, you should consider this as it is the basic step in clearing out the clogs.

Use Chemicals for Drain Cleaning

Chemicals are available for the purpose of drain cleaning. If used in the proper manner, they give great results. You just have to read the instructions given on the backside of your drain cleaner as every drain cleaner would have to be used in a different manner. Once you are done with the process, pour cold water down the drain. Check if the clogs are still there. It is critical that you don’t use chemicals often as it can lead to plumbing problems.

Call a Professional Plumber
Sometimes, your bathroom cleaning becomes a difficult job for you. Even though you try all the possible ways, it is hard for you to clean bathroom sink and tub. In such cases, you should call a professional plumber who will be able to help you. Professionals have tools and equipment’s that are not available with you at your home. With these tools, he will be able to clear out all the clogs and you will be able to use your bathroom again.

Clogging in the bath tub and sink is not a very great problem. This is common in every other household. Clogs can be annoying at times, but, can be handled if you have the proper knowledge to do it. The methods mentioned here will help you to keep your bathroom clean at all times.

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