The only time you want to call a plumber home is when it is completely necessary. Having a plumber come by will eat into your time and money. You want your plumbing system to last as long as possible, without giving you any trouble.
So, here are 6 ways to increase the life your plumbing system.

1. Stop the Clogs
The number one cause of many, many plumbing problems is clogs. By preventing clogs, you automatically eliminate a massive number of plumbing issues that would have affected your home.

  • Drain Strainers: Every drain in your home should have a drain strainer. A strainer is a simple, yet effective device that prevents dirt, grime, hair and other matter from going down the drain.
  • Dustbin: Whenever you need to throw something that won’t go down the drain, you can put it in the dustbin. Furthermore, when drain strainers are clogged with dirt, the dirt can be put in the dustbin. Always have a dustbin in the kitchen and bathroom for such purposes.

2. Do not Use Chemicals

One of the first things people do when dealing with a clog is to pour down cleaning liquids. Cleaning liquids are acidic in nature. This will result in corroding your pipe. After a number of times, your pipe will leak and you will be forced to replace it.

3. Use the Plunger

Using the plunger is always a good idea to fix plumbing problems. It is easy to use and can easily clear the most basic clogs.

4. Pour Warm Water

Regularly pouring warm water through your plumbing system will prevent any build up of clogs and ensure that your waste matter has smooth sailing.

5. Open tap when using the Garbage Disposal

Whenever you utilize your garbage disposal in the kitchen, always keep the tap on. The flow of water eases the waste material through the drain and pipes, ensuring they don’t get stuck, clump together or clog the drain.

6. Keep the Trees Away

Trees, out in your backyard or lawn, are searching for water. The coolness and damp ground surrounding your pipes can attract tree roots towards your pipe. Tree roots have the capability to break through the pipe and damage your plumbing system. So keep trees away from your pipes, or keep your pipes away from the trees.

At some point, your plumbing system is going to encounter a problem. You want to call plumbers who can be trusted and give your time and money worth. Pro Plumbing is one such plumbing service. We have been serving Edmonton for over the last decade and have built a trusted community of customers.

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