Your bathroom is mostly the wettest part of your home and also the most ignored one. What most homeowners fail to understand is that bathroom issues not only tarnish the environment in there but also result in a lot of water wastage. Be a smart homeowner, inspect your bathroom regularly, and check for the signs of the following bathroom plumbing defects:


1. Visible Pipe Leakage

This is one of the most common bathroom plumbing defects. Loose connection, degrading pipe quality, cracks or holes in the pipe, and high water pressure can result in continuous drips and leaks from the visible plumbing pipes, mostly at the joints.

2. Internal Leakage

It has been quite a few hours and you haven’t used your bathroom. Still, you notice wet patches or even drops from a particular spot on your bathroom wall/s. Ever wondered why? A possible reason behind this unusual wet patch on the wall or near the bathroom roof can be an internal pipe leakage. The plumbing pipes that run behind the walls can be damaged or corroded and result in leaks.

3. Low or High Water Pressure

When you open a faucet and only obtain trickles of water from it, you have low water pressure, whereas if you obtain a dense gush of water, you have high water pressure. Water pressure problems can occur due to several reasons such as defects in plumbing pipe and problems from the main water supply source.

4. Faulty Showerheads and Faucets

Over the years, your metal showerheads and faucets can lose their efficiency and start giving problems. The major signs of their failure include the broken handle, rusting or corroding, and weird noises from them as water flows through the showerheads and faucets. The best solution to this problem is replacing the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.

5. Dripping Faucets

Faulty, broken, or dislocated rubber disc inside the faucets, also known as washer, and high water pressure results in dripping faucets. Most homeowners don’t consider it as bathroom plumbing defect and often avoid it. But constantly dripping faucets lead to high volumes of water wastage and higher water bills.

6. Running Toilet

Your toilet can keep running even when not in use in conditions when the float in the tank is imbalanced, the flapper valve doesn’t fit properly, sediments in the toilet mechanism, or when the fill tube becomes loose. In either case, gallons of water can be lost if you don’t call our professional plumber and get it fixed.

7. Slow Drainage of Water

When you notice that water from your toilet, bathtub, or bathroom drains take forever to drain out, understand that you have clogged drains or sewage system. Clogs in the drainage system narrow the path of water flow and reduce the speed of drainage, thus causing waterlogging and backflow in the toilet, bathtub, or in the bathroom.

If you are experiencing any of these bathroom plumbing defects, don’t try to avoid it just because you are a busy bee or wish to save a few bucks. Call our professional plumbers in Edmonton immediately. It is always better to seek a professional help and get fully assured solutions.

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