Water conservation is pressing issue everywhere. We too can do our bit for the environment by conserving clean water. Wasted clean water ends up in your drains gets mixed with dirty water and ends up adding to pollution of local water reservoirs.

Conserving water will also be easy on your utility bills and it can extend the life of your septic system by reducing soil saturation. If you look at the big picture, overloading municipal sewer system also result in untreated sewage to flow into our rivers and lakes. Lesser the quantity of water in our sewers, lesser are the chances of pollution. Plus, you’ll reduce the expense on your utility bill.

Here are some tips for conserving water at home.

  1. Stop all leaks: Leaking faucets will force gallons and gallons of water down the drain. Be a smart home owner and a responsible citizen. Take care of the leaks as soon as you see them. If you don’t have the time, sign up with a plumbing maintenance service. They will take care of the leaking faucets for you.
  2. Don’t use your toilet as a dustbin: Every time you put a facial wipe, hair or cigarette butts in your toilet remember you are wasting minimum 6 gallons to water. And don’t forget these things are eventually going to clog your toilet landing you in bigger trouble.
  3. Insulate you pipes: If you insulate your pipes you can get hot water faster. This way you can save water and energy.
  4. Take shorter showers: Turn off your shower after soaping and turn it back on for rinsing. 4 minutes of running shower uses 30 to 40 gallons of water. So avoid keep the shower on for too long.
  5. Turn of the water for brushing: Just wet your tooth brush and fill a glass for rising instead to keeping the water running the whole time you brush. You can save a lot of water this way.
  6. Use dishwasher and washing machines only for full loads: Dishwashers and washing machines use the same amount of water for full loads and not so full loads. Be strategic, don’t start a dishwasher or washing machine before it reaches full load.
  7. Minimize use of garbage disposal: Garbage disposal takes up lot of water to run smoothly. Use your dustbin instead of your sink garbage disposal for disposing off most things. This will save lot of water.
  8. Rinse vegetable in a bowl: Instead of rinsing in running water, rinse vegetables and fruits in a big bowl of water. It will still be clean and you will save water.

All these will help you save a lot of water and you can notice the difference in your utility bills. It will also give you the satisfaction of being a responsible citizen. If you need any leakages fixed you can call Pro Plumbing. They will solve your plumbing problems effectively and efficiently.

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