Your plumbing system is like arteries inside your home. Pipes snake through your home everywhere, whether it is inside the walls, or outside. Water leaks are a common occurrence at home. Overtime, your water will damage your home.

Here’s what you need to watch out for when it comes to water damage.

1. Faucet

This is one of the most common water leaks that a home has. Overtime, the faucet leak will get worse, until you will have to replace the faucet altogether. This happened because the constant water leak eventually wears down the pipe.

2. Water Heater

A leaking water heater could indicate various problems from loose to corroded components. It’s a sign that your water heater is going to die or in need of repairs. You need to get it checked up.

3. Washing Machine

If you notice water and soap spewing out from your washing machine, it’s a sign that your washing machine is overfull. An overworked machine always acts weird by throwing out water and making loud noises. Ignore the signs and you are eventually going to damage your washing machine.

4. Cracked Pipe

A cracked pipe will obviously leak. Depending on its location, the constant dripping will stain and damage your floor and the water pressure in your home will drop.
The cracked pipe should either be patched, or changed completely if a patch is not sufficient to fix the problem.

5. Frozen Pipe

During winters, pipes that are exposed and outside of your home are susceptible to freezing. Freezing lowers your home water pressure. More importantly, when spring comes and the frozen water will thaw and expand, causing your pipe to break.

6. Damp Wall

A damp wall is a clear sign that your home has an internal leak. During the rains, you may also notice a small puddle near the wall.
Internal leaks compromise the structural integrity of your home. The water dampens the wood and metal beams. The beams get rusty, while the wood rods, making your home structurally hazardous.

7. Leaking Ceiling

A leaking ceiling is a sign that your home has an internal leak. Similar to a damp wall, you should ignore it as it will affect the structural integrity of your home.

8. Basement flood

Basement leaks are not an uncommon occurrence. Most homes have a sump pump to counter with basement floods. However, it is always better to prevent a basement leak. A basement flood will damage everything you have stored there.

​These are 8 water damages you don’t want to happen to your home. Have a professional plumber take a look at your home to prevent them from happening.

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