Knowing how to fix problems around the house is a big plus for any home owner. You avoid the costs of hiring Edmonton plumbers. But at times, we tend to forget a few important details which put us in a fix.The best way to avoid such a situation is to increase your knowledge base. The more you know the lesser plumbing mistakes you commit, which in turn minimizes the damages.

So have you built up the courage to DIY fix that leak which has been bothering you for a week now? To help you in that task, below are a few things you should be aware of in order to avoid basic plumbing mistakes:

Know how to turn off the main water shut off in case of an emergency

Knowing the location of the main water shut-off is immensely helpful. If you are repairing a leak, you can always switch it off from its source but if it goes out of hand and it starts to flood uncontrollably, you can always run to the main valve and shut it off and avoid any unnecessary flooding.

Do not forget to remove the garbage disposal knockout plug

Installing a new garbage disposal is a very common DIY task. You would think that the job has gone great, but when you turn on the dishwasher, you find it is full of water. Why? You forgot to remove the knockout plug and properly hook the garbage disposal to the dishwasher.

Document the things you are taking apart so you can put them back together

When you are taking things apart, you always tend to forget what goes where when putting them back. It is always good to have your set of instructions saved in a home file so whenever you need to fix something you can always look it up. Or, better yet, have a picture of the plumbing device before you take it apart.

Do not over crank the faucets

Over cranking that faucet will not fix the leak. It will break the handle and complicate matters further. To actually fix the problem you will have to disassemble the faucet and work your way from there.

Avoid crooked installations

If you have enough skill to put in a new sink or a toilet, do not forget to level it. This is a surprising mistake that people tend to make and it is one that can alter the function and appearance of the project. It only takes a couple of seconds to use a level which can save a lot of cost of repairs in the future.

Not using pipes of matching material

When you are replacing a broken pipe, or just changing the pipe, make sure you use the same material and size. You want the pipes to fit together correctly and not just be a force fit, which would leak.

Use of excess drain cleaning chemicals

Getting down and dirty is the best way to clean drains. Too much reliance on chemicals will corrode the pipes. In the end, it won’t clear your clog correctly and corroded pipes would be a problem for you.

Increase your knowledge

​Do not just dive into a job. Carefully understand what the problem is. Read a book about plumbing so that you know how the system works or talk to a professional if you need to understand specific things. Fill those knowledge gaps.

Know when to ask for help

​Finally, it is important to know when to throw in the towel. At times, plumbing mistakes can go out of hand. Certain things are best left to professionals if you are not sure how to go about them. Instead of incurring more damage, hiring a professional will save your precious time and money.

DIY plumbing can be a hassle at times due to knowledge gaps. We are human beings and it is not possible to know everything. There is no sure way to know if you have committed a plumbing mistake until you are done working on it.

So if you do not want your DIY job to look like this, we at Edmonton Plumbers know how to fill those gaps and we would be happy to assist you. Help us help you.

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