If you are living in a home that is over a decade old, be ready to have the problem of rusted pipes. In time, you will find your water becoming red. Reason? Well, most old home have metal pipes like copper, aluminium, iron or lead. The problem lies in the fact that such pipes get corroded over time. More importantly, lead has been known to cause a variety of health problems.
Additionally, the older your pipes, the higher the chance it will corrode and have leaks. Bottomline – you need new pipes for your home. So which one should you pick? The answer is simple – PVC.
PVC does not contain any toxic matter that will harm you, or your family. Lead is known to leak into the water and causes all kinds of health problems and even leads to death. PVC, on the other, does not leak or cause lead poisoning.
PVC does not absorb any other substances that it comes in contact with. This protects your water supply from containments.
No Corrosion
Unlike metallic pipes, PVC does not corrode easily. This allows the pipe to last for a really long time without breaking down, getting holes, or having leaks.
Resist Cold and Heat
PVC is not a good conductor of heat or cold. So whether the outside environment is cold or hot, that temperature won’t transfer into your home plumbing system and water.
PVC pipes are in abundance and that makes it quite affordable.
So, next time your plumber tells you that you need to replace a pipe, or worse, replace the whole plumbing system, make sure you are doing it with PVC pipes.

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