Like our cars and electronic devices, our homes also require regular maintenance to stay strong for years. Performing yearly plumbing maintenance tasks can make your home run more efficiently, help save money on utility bills, and can prevent you from needing major repairs throughout. Here is a handy annual plumbing checklist that you must maintain and check-off year-after-year:

Drains and Lines

  • Regular plumbing maintenance includes clearing the drains from the kitchen, bathroom, yard, garden, and other parts of the house. But, the clog in the main drain outlet can also result in slow drainage of water. Clear the main drains to facilitate smooth drainage of water.
  • Check for the sewer lines located under the ground to avoid sewer overflow. Blocked or broken sewer lines should be repaired before the entire overflow becomes worse and expensive to fix later.
  • Check for noisy or rumbling plumbing pipes. If you hear any unwanted sound, call professional Edmonton plumbers to get the pipes repaired.
  • Check and clean the roof gutters and downspouts before the first rain or snowfall.
  • Check if the gas line is in proper shape. Make sure that your carbon monoxide detector doesn’t go off or you don’t smell rotten eggs.


  • Check if all the washers, valves, and other components of faucets and fixtures of the house are in good condition. Replace them if needed to avoid large amounts of water wastage.
  • Check the proper functioning of the toilet and its tank. Make sure all the components like the flapper and chain are in appropriate position and condition. Improper toilet hardware can lead to running toilet and further lead to water wastage.
  • Check for mold or mildew growth on the surface of the pipes or toilet tank. This can affect the quality of water and spoil the overall appearance of the house.
  • Check your kitchen chimney and get it cleaned before lighting it up for the year. Creosote can build up in the flue and cause a fire.

Water Heaters

  • Drain and flush the water heater tank once in every year. This helps in removing the sediments and rust deposited at the bottom of the heater. Flushing will increase the efficiency and life of the tank.
  • Check and replace the anode inside the water heater if necessary. This anode rod prevents corrosion. Failing to keep a check on anode can result in reduced water heater shelf life.
  • Check the water pressure inside the tank. Pressure above 80 psi can lead to permanent water heater damage or even tank blasts.

Make sure you inspect all of these visually and note down the problems if any. Call Edmonton’s most trusted plumbing company, Pro Plumbing and Heating, if you diagnose any of these issues. Our specialists work closely with you to inspect your existing plumbing system, install new ones if needed, and repair leaks and breaks.

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