Walk through the shower section at Wal-Mart or any plumbing store, and you find a lot of shower options. These showers not only add exquisite beauty to your existing bathroom, but also make for a unique and awesome bathing experience. Good showers are all very efficient and help in water conservation. Before going for a brand new shower system, one more important thing to remember is how powerful you want your shower’s water flow to feel, along with the kind of design that will complement your bathroom’s existing design and architecture. Let’s get into the different type of showers you can equip your bathroom with,

1. Electric Showers
Electric showers heat the water as it comes along so it’s always ready. All you need is a constant supply of cold water and you can get yourself ready for a good bathing experience. Electric showers take it easy your electric bill, as there will be no unnecessary heating when there is no supply of water through the shower. One important thing to remember is that with normal electric shower, the water may get really hot if the flow of the water is slow or the cold water supply is being used somewhere else. Hence, it is generally recommended to go with a thermostatic electric shower that can control the showers temperature.

2. Mixer Shower
Mixer showers combine hot and cold water supplies. These showers generally produce a stronger flow than electric shower, while the temperature and flow of the shower is controlled by manual bath tips. Most mixer showers are designed to work with either high-pressure water system or low-pressure water system. There are also thermostatic mixer shower available in the market which will help you adjust the temperature to your personal liking. Having a thermostatic mixer shower is always a good idea, as it will cut out the water flow if the cold water flow decreases, which in turn will save you from being scalded.

3. Power Showers
Power Showers are very similar to mixer showers, the reason being that they both combine water from the cold as well as the hot water supplies. Power shower is designed in such a way that it can work with gravity-fed or low-pressure water systems. Although installing a power shower is relatively easy, they tend to use up a lot more water then electric shower.

4. Digital Showers
Digital showers are the most advanced showers available in the market. You can get digital showers in pump, unpumped, electric or mixer models. Digital showers have control units with allow you to pre-program the water temperature to your personal preference. There are also other add-ons available to complement digital showers, that include LCD displays or color-coded lightning system which lets you know when the waters reached the desired temperature.

Now, all that remains is for you to decide which shower you want . If you want to discuss about any of the above showers in explicit detail or if you want to get yourself one of the above showers, then get in touch with Pro Plumbing. They will surely be more than happy to help.

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