Planning to plant a couple of trees in your garden? Or do those flowers need some more for company? Gardening requires a lot of water. But it is still possible to beautify your garden AND save water.

If you are wondering how to beautify your garden and save water at the same time, here are a few tips that you’ll find useful:

Take good care of your soil

The best and cheapest way to improve the structure of the soil is to add organic matter to it. This helps to retain the moisture presence in the soil. Even small items like mulch laying around in your flowerbed will insulate the soil from harsh sunlight. So the moisture won’t be gone with the wind!

Use the right amount of water

Using the right amount of water is one of the most important gardening tips which can help save water. If the water content in the soil crosses the adequate level, the roots drown and are unable to respire. Hence, your plants start dying and all you’re left with is excess water in your soil. This soil, eventually, loses its nutrients. You didn’t meet your gardening goals nor did you save water. To avoid all of this, ensure you know what kind of soil you are using. Different types of soil require different levels of water. For example, light sandy soil requires more watering than heavy soils. Clay based soils need more water but can be watered less frequently. Figure out what type of soil you have.

Water at the right time

To get an idea, foremost, check the soil ‘spade-level’ below the surface. If it is dry, it’s time to water the plants, if it isn’t then they’re going to be fine. But again, it depends on the soil type. If you check the clay based soil, it is going to seem moist even if it doesn’t have water and contrarily, sandy soil may feel dry even if it has water content in it. What do you do? Simple. Check the plants to see if they are showing any signs of dryness. Check the leaves if they have changed position or gotten darker since you have watered them. At the same, time see how the soil feels. This will help you get a better idea of when to water and vice versa.

Plant trees, flowers that need less water

This one doesn’t require much work. You just need to figure out which plants do not need frequent watering. Lavender, palms, mimosa and verbena are a few. Do your research and plant accordingly to save water.

Know the best watering techniques suitable to your garden needs

Different watering techniques like:

Sprinklers: You will need plumbing help for setting up sprinklers in your yard. They cover a large radius but they cannot reach a few areas.

Hoses and watering cans: This way you can get those areas which you cannot with a sprinkler. Labor intensive but using this method will help you save water by the gallons.

Seep hoses: This method allows water to seep out of the holes in the hose. Hoses can be buried under soil or mulch, which helps prevent evaporation of water. They allow you to water established plants in rows, but are best used on heavy soil as water spreads further sideways, covering more than it would on lighter soils.

In the end, you have to figure out your goal and plan accordingly. Maintaining your landscape will take some organizing, but in the end with the above useful gardening tips and fine plumbing help from Edmonton plumbers, you will be able to save water and accentuate the beauty of your garden.

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