The vast array of plumbing pipes available in the market can be confusing for a layman. Try remodeling a kitchen or your bathroom and your contractor will be using “PEX” pipes for water supply, instead of copper. Bewildered? Don’t be. In this article we will discuss different plumbing pipes available in the market and will see what benefits they offer.

1. Copper
Copper is one of the best pipe choices available in the market, copper has the ability to withstand huge amount of pressure and is capable of surviving for a long time. Copper has been used for piping for more than 80 years. You will see a lot of really old copper pipes still going strong and doing the job really well. One another benefit of having copper pipe is the simple fact that copper pipe won’t pollute your drinking water and to top that, old copper pipes can always be recycled. Having said all of the above, copper pipes are costly as copper is a global commodity and its prices has climbed dramatically in recent years.


PEX is great choice if retrofitting is what you are looking for. This allows PEX to be snaked into the walls of the house. A piece of PEX can extend across the entire house by curving around corners and obstructions. All of this and yet no seam is caused!


It is very similar to PVC, which was used for a long time as a residential waste pipe. CPVC’s makeup naturally consists of more chlorine, which in turn makes it very safe for drinking water. It is one of the easiest products available in the market.

4. PP

Although it might not be that known in Canada, PP is has got a 30 year old history in Europe. PP is known for its unblemished record when it comes to health safety and durability. Unlike CPVC it is not joined together using chemicals rather heat is applied to fuse the two ends together. There are no safety concerns with PP. Installing them will require some specialty tools which won’t be that costly. It’s a fairly good option to go for, if you are looking forward to get your pipes changed.

The above points must have given you a good idea of the different pipes available the market. Equipped with this knowledge you can decide what plumbing pipe will suit your need best. If in case you are planning to get any go the above pipes installed or want more information regarding any of the above points, then get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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