A large sum of your energy bills is due to your household’s excessive use of water. If you can reduce your water usage, you’ll automatically end up saving money, as simple as that. A few simple tweaks in your daily routine will lead to you saving water and, sending your utility bill tumbling. Let’s get started!

1. Switch to a water meter

This might seem very basic, but is important nonetheless. A water meter will help you understand you daily water consumption needs, which will further give you a clear idea as to how much water is been consumed in your house.

2. Take showers

Yes, go for short showers instead of baths. Showers consume much less water than your regular baths. To save even more, get your bathroom equipped with a power shower. A power shower boosts your water pressure, if it is not high enough for a good flow. They consume less electricity than your regular electric showers.

3. Use dishwasher and washing machines wisely

One convenient way to save water is to use your dish washer and washing machine only when there is a need. Create a schedule, such that you end up using their most capacity, so that you get all of your work done at once or in minimum repetitions. Avoid using them multiple times to get small stacks of your clothes and dishes cleaned.

4. Keep your taps closed

Okay, this is a simple one but yet many people end up doing this on a regular basis. Keeping your taps completely closed while brushing or shaving can help you save a lot of water. This bad habit that many households don’t circumvent leads to their electricity and heating bills getting inflated. So, the next time you brush, shave, or shampoo keep your faucets closed, and you’ll be surprised as to how much water you end up saving. Turning off the tap, while brushing your teeth, saves six liters of water per minute.

5. Try not using hosepipe

Hosepipes tend to use a lot of water, somewhere around a thousand liters of water in an hour! Instead, try using a watering can for your plants or bucket and sponge for cleaning your car will surely help you save a lot of water.

The above points if implemented in a proper fashion will surely help you water and money. Saving water is not only help you keep your bills down but is also a civic duty considering the constant water crises that many people suffer from. If you want to discuss any of the above points in detail then, get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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