Do you love winters? That is a tricky question, and we know that. With the festivities, holidays, and snow that winters get, they also get a list of home troubles. Your home suffers a bit during the extreme cold season. But the good part is that you have countless ways to winterize your house and be prepared for the temperature dip and heavy snowfall. Apart from those helpful tips to winterize your house, you also have several ways to winterize your home plumbing system. Here’s how you can do that.

Repair Home Pipes

The home pipes are the biggest components of your home plumbing system. You need to work on this component to ensure that your home plumbing is safe from any major impact due to the weather. For the same, take a close look at all the pipework visible to you. If you see any tiniest of cracks, holes, or leaks, repair them immediately. Cold air can enter through these openings and result in frozen water in the pipes. Frozen pipes can easily worsen into frozen pipes, or even worse, burst pipes.

Insulate Home Pipes

One thing that you must do first is to insulate all your home pipes. Frozen pipes are a common issue in most Canadian homes during this weather. As the temperature drops, the temperature inside the pipes, especially metal pipes, also dips. Prevent this in order to avoid frozen and burst pipes. You can easily get pipe insulation covers in the market. Wrap the same on all the visible interior and exterior home pipes.

Maintain the Heater

Your water heater is going to be your best friend this season. So make sure that it’s in the best working condition as soon as possible. Firstly, flush and drain the heater to get rid of any sediment or mineral build-ups from the tank. Then, make sure that there aren’t any loose connections or leaks in or around the mechanism. If you find any, get them repaired as these are the spaces from where cold air can enter the heater and freeze it. Lastly, insulate the water heater using the right insulating jacket available in the market. 

Unplug the Garden Hose

If your home has a big landscape and you regularly take care of it, you probably keep your garden hose plugged to a water source most of the time. But now is the time when you must unplug this hose from the water source. Leaving a hose connected outside in winter can cause water left inside to freeze and expand, freezing your faucets and connecting pipes as well.

You can keep your plumber in Edmonton by your side while taking a tour of your home plumbing system. Our professionals will be able to identify any flaws and need for repairs better than you would. Plus, we will suggest the best solution immediately and save your home plumbing system from the harsh weather.

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