It is important to clean roof gutter very once a while so they can do their job properly. The purpose of a roof gutter is to collect rain water and take it down the drain to ensure that the wood and the metal in your roof remains protected. When roof gutters get filled with dirt, leaves and other debris they start blocking the flow of water. Water starts collecting and it overflows at all the wrong places damaging your roof and your walls. You wouldn’t want your freshly painted walls and roof to fade would you? Instead, take some precautionary measures and clean your roof gutters regularly.

Safety first

Never get on the roof from your bedroom’s window, it is extremely dangerous. Instead, use a sturdy ladder to reach up to the roof. Don’t stand on top 3 rungs of the ladder because that too is dangerous. Do not lean and make sure the ladder is on a secure surface. Don’t work in a windy or raining condition. It might cause you to sway or slip and you might get seriously injured. Hire a cleaning service if your roof is higher than one floor.

Tools required

  • A sturdy ladder – A tall step ladder is more preferable to an extension ladder
  • Scoop
  • Scrub brush
  • Water hose
  • Bucket

Getting started

Step 1. – Set the ladder on a sturdy surface. Attach the bucket to side with a metal hook. Make sure it is properly secured. Carry a high pressured nozzle with you and secure it to the side of your ladder for later use.

Step 2. – Get on the ladder and check the area for the kind of debris. It is easy to clean slightly damp leaves than completely dry debris. Scoop all the leaves and debris from the gutter into your bucket. If you are going to use leaf blower make sure you are wearing safety eye gear.

Step 3. – Use the scrub brush to remove stiff dirt. Take your high pressured nozzle and blast the gutter to clear it completely. If you haven’t scrubbed the dirt before doing this step it will splatter dirt all over your roof, walls and you.

Cleaning roof gutters seems like a simple task, but it can be complicated if your roof is hard to reach or you do not own proper safety gear. In such situations it is best to call a professional plumbing service. Don’t attempt to clean complicated or very high gutters yourself. Book an appointment with Pro Plumbing. They are qualified and certified team of plumbers who will solve all your plumbing woes in a jiffy.

Even if you do decide to clean your gutters yourself so it with full safety. If you realize your drain pipe is clogged due to leave and it is not letting the water pass you can try some DIY unclogging hacks.

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