A leaky toilet is not something you want to ignore. It will result in high water bills and flooded bathrooms. This is not something you want to ignore. A leak will cause a puddle in your bathroom which degrades your tiles.
A toilet, throughout its life, will never remain perfect and one of the problems it has is a leak. Most leaks are either small or unnoticeable. The flush is unable to shut, causing water to constantly leak and most often it escapes your notice. You may only realize that there is a leak when you get your utility bill or you notice the structural damage in your bathroom.
To repair a toilet leak, you need to know its cause. Here are the most common causes for a toilet leak.
Cracked Tank or Bowl
A cracked tank or bowl may be difficult to fully notice. If the crack is underneath the tank, you won’t notice it; so make sure you regularly take a look underneath. You may think that the crack is just a line stretched across the toilet bowl and never realize what it is. It is best to be suspicious of any line you see on your toilet.
A crack is a structural damage. The best option is to patch up the crack. However, if that does not solve the problem, the toilet bowl or the tank should be replaced.
Corrosion is the bane of any plumbing system. In this case, the water pipes connecting your toilet may have corroded causing a leak. If the flushed water has a reddish-brownish tinge, it’s a sign that your pipe is corroding and needs to be replaced.
Tank Bowl Gasket
The pipe that connects the tank to the bowl is sealed by a gasket. However, if the gasket wears out, it won’t do a good job of holding out the water.
The best remedy is to replace the gasket with another one.
Flapper Won’t Close
The most common reason why your toilet continues to flush water for a long time is because of the flapper. The flapper may not close because there is a problem with the float, in that case, the float needs to be adjusted, or replaced if you find a crack. Another cause that prevents the flapper from closing is the chain. The chain might be entwined and be preventing the flapper from closing.
If you are unable to solve the issue on your own, no worries, just give Pro Plumbing a call and we will send a professional plumber over. We have been serving the community of Edmonton, and continue to so for the past decade, and are a trusted brand.

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