Most homeowners fail to maintain their plumbing system until they face serious plumbing issues. They avoid paying attention to their plumbing system, fixtures, appliances, and other components. This careless attitude is generally because of several plumbing system myths they have in their minds. If you are one of those homeowners, take a look at some common plumbing system myths so that you can avoid them.

Myth #1: Plungers Can Clear Any Clog

Fact: Plungers can clear small blockages in a drain, pipe, or the toilet. They aren’t capable of clearing moderate to major clogs in the pipes. While in some cases, a plunger can worsen the damage by pushing the clogged items further down the pipe.

Myth #2: Running Water Means No Clog

Fact: Just because water drains efficiently, doesn’t mean there is no blockage. Foul smell from the drains and sink, and slow drainage and backflow in other parts of the house are signs of a clog somewhere in the plumbing system. Also, if you hear a gurgling sound in the toilet when you run water elsewhere in the house, understand that you have a blockage somewhere.

Myth #3: Drain Cleaners Are Miraculous

Fact: DIY drain cleaners and those ready-made ones available in the market are best in clearing minor clogs. They aren’t capable of clearing severe clogs. Also, the chemicals in the drain cleaners can eventually destroy the quality of your plumbing system.

Myth #4: You Can Flush Anything Down Your Toilet

Fact: Toilets are only meant for flushing human waste. Flushing everything that does not belong to the toilet’s drainage system can lead to clogs in the toilet bowl or deep inside the drains. Bigger items that don’t decompose and fit in the toilet’s drain bowl can result in toilet flooding and overflow.

Myth #5: Running Water While Using Garbage Disposal Prevents Clogs

Fact: Some items just don’t belong to the garbage disposal. No matter how many liters of water you run through it, the disposal mechanism will get clogged if you drain oil, big vegetable peels, egg shells, bones, etc. These products accumulate along the metal blades and pipes of the disposal and render it useless.

Myth #6: Dripping Faucets Are Normal

Fact: A constantly dripping faucet is a big concern. A leaking faucet is the sign of an underlying problem such as high water pressure or damaged washer. This dripping faucet can increase your water bills by 10%-20%.

Another major myth that homeowners have in their minds is that professional plumbers are only meant for catastrophic situations. Calling our professional plumbers in Edmonton for a regular inspection and fixing minor plumbing problems can keep your plumbing system and house safe. Spending time and money on regular plumber visits can be profitable in the long run.

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