Common problems with water heatersWater heaters are an important appliance in any Edmonton household. You can’t possibly imagine your life without hot water in your taps. Despite all of this, water heaters are usually tucked away in the basement and are neglected until they breakdown. There can be a number of problems with your water heater. Before you dial your emergency plumber, take time to analyze what is the possible cause of your heater breaking down. It is always better than buying an expensive new heater every 3 years. By informing the plumber of the problem before hand, he can come prepared to fix your water heater.

No hot water:

You decided to have a nice relaxing bath after a hard day at work and suddenly you start getting ice cold water in your shower. This will dampen your mood completely. There can be 3 reasons for this.

Pilot light is off – Pilot light indicates that gas is reaching the ignition point. No light means no gas, and no hot water. Turn the light on and you will get hot water

Bad Thermostat – If you have an electric water heater, and your water changes temperature often, it indicates that your thermostat is failing. Call the plumber and get it fixed.

A clogged vent – If you have hard water, your vents can get clogged resulting in flow of water with uneven temperature.

Rusty Water:

Water heaters are fitted with an anode rod to prevent corrosion. When water with minerals flow into your heater, it reacts with these anodes and after a while the anode bar gets used up. This is when the insides of your water heater start corroding. This way rust mixes with your water and gives you a reddish-brown colored rusty water.

It is best to replace your anode rod regularly. It will save the internal parts of your water heater and increase its life significantly. And of course for your family’s health, you should always make sure the water coming out of your water heater is clean and healthy.

Weird smells:

If your water smells weird, it is a sign of a bacterial infection. It means somewhere in your plumbing system, there is a leak and the water got mixed.

You should clean and drain the water heater.

Put some hydrogen peroxide solution in a liter of water and pour into your water heater.

Let it stay for an hour and drain the water again.

This should take care of the bacteria and smell. But if this has become a reoccurring problem, it is best to call a professional plumber.

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