Canadian winters are often back-breaking. The dip in the temperature, piles of snow accumulating everywhere, and different kinds of issues for homeowners are some usual but problematic things. Out of everything else, plumbing issues are considered to be a little more serious as they concern with our daily functioning. If anything goes wrong, we have to settle without hot water or water itself. In this article, we will talk about a lot of such plumbing woes and how our plumbers can avoid them in time.

Frozen Pipes

As soon as the temperature dips, homeowners in Edmonton encounter this common issue. Metal plumbing pipes, whether steel or copper, become extremely cold due to the weather. Water running through these pipes starts freezing as it is in constant contact with cold pipes. Frozen pipes result in water pressure issues and no water from faucets when you turn them on. The best way to avoid this issue is by insulating the pipes well in advance.

Clogged Kitchen Drains

The dip in temperature results in freezing everything that goes down the kitchen drains. Although garbage disposal successfully chops major chunks of your food waste, a lot of other tiny bits and fats make their way down the drain. Eventually, it causes a clog when those all clump, congeal and freeze in the cold. You must always dispose of food waste before putting your dishes and utensils in the kitchen sink. And make it a habit to drain all the oil and fats in garbage bins before putting away your utensils to avoid any kitchen drain clogs.

Outdoor Drain Problems

Our plumbers see this happen a lot after rain or snowfalls. Leaves from the fall tend to clump together, and after precipitation, they end up near or around a drain. This can block water from draining correctly. Or, you end up with standing water in a clogged drain that freezes over. At that point, the pipe can end up damaged, or you get flooding in your basement when water builds up right outside it and seeps in. So before winter arrives or before it gets too cold, clear the outdoor area. Get rid of all the remains of autumn and prevent any outdoor plumbing problems.

You don’t have to wait for these problems to call our plumbers. We can be at your service for regular plumbing inspection and service to ensure that everything’s in place. Our plumbers can visit you before or during winters to identify anything that can cause major plumbing issues in your house. So, give us a call today on (780) 462-2225 to schedule an appointment with our plumbers in Edmonton.

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