With increasing numbers of storms in Canada, flooded basement has become a critical problem. Rains and snow storm is the main source of flooded basements, but it can also happen due to broken pipes or sewer back flow in dry weather too. As most Canadian houses have basements, almost all our Edmontonian clients have experienced flooded basement at some point or the other.

It might be your worst nightmare come true when you open the door to a flooded basement. But, don’t panic in such a situation. You don’t want to make things worse by acting in haste. The following tips will come handy when faced with a flooded basement.

Think of Safety

It is best to call Pro Plumbing professionals in such an emergency and let them deal with the issue. However, if you must step in the water, do it with the proper gear and safety. Before you wad into the flooded water, ensure that the power is switched off. This is the best way to prevent getting shocked. Wear rubber boots, rubber gloves and a mask on face. This water could be contaminated with bacteria and other organisms.

Trust us, you don’t want to get in contact with those bacteria, waste matter and spores in water.

Drain the basement

Drain the excess water using your sump pump. This is why it’s wise to keep your sump pump in good shape for such events. Call Pro Plumbing if your sump pump is not working. If you don’t own a sump pump you can call them to buy and install a new sump pump. Once you have drained excess water, mop dry the remaining area.


If you had a carpeted floor, you’ll have to call a cleaning service. It might save you money on re-carpeting. However, it is wise to have concrete or tiled flooring for basements. And, never go for a hardwood flooring. Move all the objects that have suffered water damage away and discard the ones that cannot be used again. Add bleach to water and clean all affected surfaces. Don’t wait too long to do this because mold, bacteria and mildew will start spreading rapidly, and you don’t want a smelly basement infested with bacteria and rodents.


If you have windows in the room, open them. If it’s in the basement, bring some fans into it and start the dehumidifier for drying the basement. If you don’t own a dehumidifier, now is as good a time as any to invest in one. Run the fans and dehumidifier for a week until everything dries out. Bring new stuff in only after everything is dry.

Flooded basement is a big nuisance but you can deal with it patience and with help from Pro Plumbing professionals. Pro Plumbing will be at door step in times of emergencies. Enter into a service contract with them to enjoy regular plumbing maintenance services.. Regular maintenance and service will cost you less than an emergency will.

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  • Alec goold

    February 14, 2018 | Reply

    I have water coming up my basement floor it's a finished basement

  • Alec goold

    February 14, 2018 | Reply

    I have water coming up my basement floor it's a finished basement

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