Your home plumbing needs repair and maintenance just like your automobile. If you ignore it for too long, it will break down at the most unfortunate hour. There are a few simple plumbing hacks that you can do yourself at home and can save yourself from trouble.

Know all the shut off valves:

Before you start any of the DIY projects, it is important that you know where all the shut off valves are located. It will come in handy when any of your pipe breaks down or your appliance malfunctions. Make it a habit – always learn about turn of switches and the shut off valve before you install anything new plumbing appliance in your house. It is also important to share the information with your spouse and other members in the family. This way you can save yourself from a lot of water damage.

Fix a leak

Whenever you spot a leak in your plumbing system, try to fix it as soon as possible. Faucets can be easily fixed. If you are good with tools, you could just replace the broken part and fix the faucet or you can buy one and replace. Leaking washing machine pipes can also be easily replaced at home. You just need to know your way around the hardware store. For leaking pipes you can temporarily fix it with plumbing putty. But if your pipes are too old and leaks too frequent, you should consider taking a professional opinion.

Always keep your plumbing clean

It is a good idea to flush your plumbing lines and appliances once in a while to prevent clogs and other break downs. Flush your toilet with a bucket of hot water every few days, this will remove small clogs. The same should be done for your sink and after a heavy use of garburator. Take time to get your water heater flushed, it will remove all the precipitates and it will also tell you if any part needs fixing

Hard water problems

If you notice white stains or reddish stains on your bathroom, they are signs that you have hard water. Get a water softener installed. Your showers pores getting clogged is also a sign. Clean the shower stains with bleach and clean the pores with a pointy object. However, don’t ignore the hard water issue, it can cause serious damage to your plumbing, appliances and to your health.

Remember, try DIY hacks only if you are sure of what you are doing. If you are not too good with tools or aren’t sure what to do you must seek professional help. If you need help with any plumbing issue Pro Plumbing will always come to your rescue. They are a team to licensed, qualified and experienced plumbers.

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