In today’s polluted world it has become tougher to keep your health. In such a case we must make sure to use pure and unadulterated day to day materials. Water is one of those necessities. Impure water can be catastrophic to a person’s health. Water borne pathogens can cause gastrointestinal illnesses and problems like e-coli infections.

Backflows are when the unwanted and unfavourable substances going into your drains are reversed. Due to a cross connection in the plumbing system, the water gets contaminated. This can cause chemical substances, human waste, etc. to get mixed with the potable water, thus rendering it useless and unfit for consumption.

This problem can be avoided by installing a backflow preventer. A backflow preventer is a device used to stop the waste water from turning back and contaminating the water. To keep the water flowing in the pipes, there is pressure that has to be maintained and the direction is maintained. Sometimes, the pressure drops. This can happen due to breaking of the main supply, frozen pipes or other plumbing problems, the waste water ceases to flow in the original direction and it turns back. Due to this, it can easily flow back into the main line.

Backflows happen at any time and can be easily prevented by various types of backflow preventers.

Air Gap, Reduced Pressure Backflow Prevention Assembly, Double Check Backflow Prevention, Pressure Vacuum Breaker, Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker and Spill Proof Vacuum Breaker are the types of backflow preventers.

Single family homes generally pose the least threat for contamination of the water supply. They are considered a low hazard and no protection is required in the bylaw. However, homeowners can help to protect our water supply and the water within their own homes by installing backflow prevention devices on their garden hoses. They are called hose bibs and they can be purchased from hardware stores. Using a hose bib is not a law, but it is good practice in protecting homeowners and their families from contaminated water. Everybody has a role to play in protecting the health and safety of our drinking water.

A backflow preventer must be installed by a qualified plumber to remove any room for error. At Pro Plumbing, we have all the backflow preventer solutions you need. From backflow preventer installation services to purchasing all the plumbing repair parts from our Mr. Faucet store we provide all types of plumbing services.

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