Most homeowners don’t realize that a backwater valve is a must. It can prevent many instances of flooding in your home, and it keeps the plumbing system functioning well. Still don’t think you really need a backwater valve? Read on.

1. Avoid Inconvenience

A backwater valve can help stop sewage from backing up into your home when public sewage has got a blockage. A properly installed backwater sewage system is a one way system; sewage can go out, but not back in. This will surely keep your property safe.

2. All areas are flooding prone

Irrespective of where you live, even if you live on higher ground you are prone to sewer backup. The reason for this is quite plain and simple, sewer backup is caused by clogging, not ground water flooding.

3. Limitations

A very important point to remember is that back water valve will help you protect your house from blockages outside your house, not inside your house.

4. Ideal Time

The ideal time to get a backwater valve is when you are renovating or building your basement. The reason being that it requires a trench about 2 – 3 feet long to be dug in your home to provide room for the device. Depending on the pipe layout and construction of your home, the trench may need to be larger.

The above points will convince you as to how important a backwater valve is. If you need any further information regarding backwater valves or want to discuss it in greater detail, then get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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