Basements always have a possibility of getting wet. If leaks and waterproofing of a basement is neglected, there is a huge chance that one day you’ll find your basement flooded. You might take necessary precautions and dry up the basement for once, but don’t let it go as an everyday incident. Flooded basement is a sign that there is a major problem with your plumbing system and it requires professional attention. If you use your basement as an extension of your home it is important to pay attention to its waterproofing. And even if you are not using your basement extensively, you still must take basic precautions to keep the water away. These are the tell-tale signs that say you need to call a plumber and take professional advice.

Notice small signs

Try to notice any weird smells or dripping sounds in your basement. See if there are any leaks or damp walls or flooring. Weird smells could be caused due to growth of molds on the wet patches in the basement. All these are signs that there is something wrong with your plumbing. If you are not able to detect the source, you need to call a professional to figure about the problem.



If you notice too much dampness in the basement and sweaty walls or floors chances are, that your basement might get flooded. Most of the flooding of basement and dampness occurs because rain water or snow water seeps into the basement. So it is important to use some basic waterproofing techniques for protect your basement from floods. Moreover, dampness also encourages growth of mold which is a health hazard to you and your family.

Prevent backup

Take necessary precautions to prevent water from backing up. Basement filled with backed up sewage water can be your worst nightmare. It creates major damage and invites innumerable diseases. A sump pump is an effective method of keeping water from getting into your basement. Pump water out regularly and always keep the sump pump in good working condition.

Take care of leaks in the house

Gravity is your basements enemy. Any water that is leaking anywhere in the house may find its way through ceiling or walls into you basement. So whenever you notice a leaking pipe or toilet, minor cracks in plumbing, take measures to fix these immediately. Leaks not only are bad for your basement but water accumulation can weaken the overall structure of your house.

Even after taking the precautions, there are chances of your basement getting flooded. If this happens give a call to professionals at Pro Plumbing. Let the professionals handle the issue. Take their advice and you will be able to effectively prevent any basement floods.

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    August 16, 2015 | Reply

    The post highlights a very important issue. Often we tend to ignore the basement of our home, but it can make the base of your home weak if not taken proper care of.

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