Your bathroom is the perfect place for molds to settle in and grow. And that’s the perfect reason as to why you should watch out for them. Molds can show up in the corners of your bathroom, under the sink, or besides your shower. If you don’t deal with molds, you are exposing yourself and others in your home to health hazards. Molds can cause allergies and agitate breathing problems.

Here’s how you can deal with mold problems in your bathroom.

Prevent It

If you can prevent mold from appearing or growing in your bathroom, then you prevent future instances of it appearing. The reason why mold appears in your bathroom is because of the moisture content. The moisture content in your bathroom is quite high.
Ensure that the exhaust fan is switched on when you are finished using the bathroom. Avoid keeping soap and shampoo in the shower area. Having the window open occasionally to improve air circulation also helps.


If you find a large mold patch, you will have to get your hands dirty. What you need is a brush and some detergent. Along with water, you will have to scrub the mold away. If the mold is gathered in a hard to reach place like a corner or niche, use a toothbrush so that you can reach it.

Clean the Drain

If you find mold in the drain, it can be difficult to reach and clean. What needs to be done is get a bottle of vinegar and pour a little down the drain.
Additionally, ensure that your drains are not blocked. Blocked drains, whether it is your sink or bathtub forces water to accumulate and stagnate, encouraging the growth of mold. Do not think of using cleaning liquids as these are corrosive in nature and more likely to harm your plumbing system pipes rather than help your plumbing system. Use warm water to clear the clog away. Additionally, the best way to prevent a drain clog is to have a mesh on top of the drain.

Bathroom Cleaning

Once a month, ensure that you clean the bathroom. Cleaning your sink, drain, bathtub, and changing the bathroom curtain, is not only hygienic but it also prevents the build up of mold in your bathroom.
If you find that molds are turning out to be a recurring problem in your bathroom, then you should have a professional take a look. The cause might be due to an internal leak in the wall. Have a professional plumber take a look.

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