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Whether you are a guy or a girl, you are going to have hair falling out and going down the drain. If you don’t keep track of it, then you probably call the plumber home quite often. One of the most common causes for a clogged drain is stuck hair fall. If you don’t deal with the problem at hand, you will be caught in a cycle of calling the plumber home every month and unnecessarily spending money. Dealing with the problem does not mean you start using anti-hairfall shampoo. Contrary to belief shedding hair is a natural process.

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

The first thing majority people do when they come across a clogged drain is to pour down hard chemicals through the pipe. These chemicals are supposed to break up the source of the congestion. They contain acid and you are causing more harm than actually solving the situation. These chemicals corrode your pipes and will eventually cause leaks, so stop using them!

Grab a Plunger

If you don’t have a plunger, go out and buy one. It is a last resort before you call the plumber. Sometimes a clog will occur no matter how much you try. At such times, you will be glad you have a plunger at home. If the clog is a minor one, a plunger should be able to help you out.

Brush Before you Bathe

Every time you go for a bath, spend a minute or two brushing your hair. This simple move will effectively pull out at least 50% of the hair strands that will fall during your bath. All you have to do now is remove the hair caught on the brush and put it in the dust bin.

Keep Pets Out of the Bathroom

Dogs and cats tend to shed a lot of hair, especially if it is summer season. Keep the pets out of the bathroom so there isn’t any hair fallout there. Also, stop washing your pets in the bathroom. Pets, especially dogs, shed much more hair than humans, so your drain will get clogged very quickly. A better option would be to wash the pet out of the house and on the lawn. If you don’t have a lawn, consider using a washtub. After washing your pet, you just throw the water out.

Use a Hair Catcher

The best option for you is to use a hair catcher. It prevents the clog from happening at all. A hair catcher is a plastic or wire mesh you place on top of the drain. It effectively prevents any hair or junk from going down the drain and clogging it up. In a week’s time, there will be a thick layer of hair over your hair catcher. Deposit this hair into the garbage can.

Try and stop the problem before your drain gets clogged. If not, your best chance is a plunger, not a chemical drain cleaner!

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