These days everyone tries to do-it-yourself plumbing. Read a few articles, watch some videos and try your hand at it. Well, here are 8 plumbing mistakes you are bound to make.

1) Treating the Garbage Disposal Wrong

Most people treat the garbage disposal like a normal waste bin where all the junk is put through. However, that’s not the purpose of garbage disposal. Some homeowners are known to abuse their garbage disposal by cramming down waste through and hoping the blades will chop everything apart. This results in having to pull it apart and clean the blades.

2) Not Removing the Disposal Plug

This is a common mistake many make when installing or cleaning their garbage disposal. Installing a garbage disposal unit is pretty straightforward, however many miss out on removing the knockout plug. If the unit has to be connected to a dishwasher, you have to remove the knockout plug first.

3) Your Toilet is not a Garbage Bin

Every plumber has that weird story of what they found in the toilet. This kind of behaviour not only affects children, but adults too. You want to make sure the toilets aren’t used for flushing down toys, clothes or plastic!

4) Weighing Down your Fixtures

Your fixtures aren’t made of unbreakable metal, in fact, if you put too much weight on them, they will break. This especially happens to bathroom fixtures which are loaded up with plenty of shampoos and lotions. So always ensure that your fixtures are set up correctly and don’t carry more weight than it should.

5) Not Setting Up the Heater Right

Many folks set their heater up, connect the wires and pipes and then, just switch it on. What you’re doing is spoiling the heater. You have to wait for the heater to fill up with water first before you can finally turn it on.

6) Connecting your Pipes Wrongly

Different types of pipes need a different form of connector. Pipes across your house come in different sizes and material and hence, each needs the correct coupling. You’ll find leaks and corrosion easily set in when you use the wrong connectors.

7) Breaking the Faucet Handle

One of the most common actions people take to fix a leaking faucet is cranking the handle up and down in an attempt to ‘close the tap’. However, the problem doesn’t even lie in the faucet handle, rather the leak is probably because of a loose nut. Cranking the handle up and down only leads to breaking it and now, you have two problems instead of one.

8) Putting Things Back Together

It is always easier to pull a faucet apart than putting it back together. There are many do-it-yourself individuals you dive into the plumbing problem, pull the piece apart and then, wonder – “How the hell do I put it back together?”

So, keep these 8 points in mind next time you’re doing your own plumbing.

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