Have you observed that no matter what kind of pipeline you have, iron or copper, it corrodes and becomes brittle? Have you noticed that your pipes are leaking, but are worried about all the re-piping costs? The reason behind this is metal, any metal, reacts with oxidants in water making metal oxides. This decreases their strength, makes the material flaky and causes rusting. Epoxy is the solution to your problems. Epoxy is a thick protective material used to cover and protect things from water damage. It is widely used inside piping.

How it works?

Epoxy is a concentrated liquid. It is lined inside your piping to prevent it from corroding. So, if you have a piping system that is sturdy, but has a few leaks and has been corroded, you don’t need to re-pipe it. If you get epoxy piping done by professional plumbers, it will increase the life of your plumbing significantly and save you a great deal of money. In a study that was conducted in Virginia, USA, it was observed that pipes lined with epoxy reacted only 13% with chlorine present in water and pipes that weren’t lined reacted 90%. That is how effective epoxy is!


The process

When you decide to get an epoxy pipe here is what you may expect to happen.

  • Your piping is sand blasted inside out. This brings out all the rust and debris from inside the pipe.
  • Silica particles, which are embedded in the air, are blown through the pipes. In this process, rust and debris even from the pipe’s turns and bends will be cleared.
  • After this, Epoxy liquid is blown down the pipes and allowed to harden.
  • This can take up to few hours, so you will have to wait before you can start using the pipes until then.


Epoxy is food grade and is also used to line cans so the water from these pipes is safe for consumption and bath. Epoxy will immediately repair minor leaks and sand blasting takes care of clogs. Epoxy putty can be used to seal a big leak. This will save you a lot of hassle and money. And, you don’t have to worry about re-piping for a long time because your pipes are now as good as new.

While you might be able to take care of minor leaks using putty you need to call professional plumbers for getting epoxy piping. Take an appointment with Pro Plumbing. They will send their technician over who will inspect thoroughly and give you an estimate. You can trust Pro Plumbing to deliver the best services in minimum time. Pro Plumbing will also take care of your other plumbing needs in emergency situations or you might want to consider entering in a service contract with them.

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