Most of us rely on plumbing professionals whenever there is a grave plumbing issue at home. But when it comes to minor plumbing issues, it is convenient to fix it ourselves. As homeowners, you could either be a pro at plumbing or a total dummy to the art of fixing pipes and installing pipes. In both cases, it is always good to know the basics of plumbing. The world of plumbing comprises of various plumbing tools, plumbing pipe materials, and fixtures. To begin with here is a basic list of plumbing pipe materials.


Cast Iron For Plumbing Waste Lines

The main qualities of a plumbing waste line should be endurance, durability and the ability to shun the noise of waste flowing through it. Cast iron is a piping material which possesses all these qualities, which makes it ideal for plumbing waste lines.

PVC For Plumbing Waste Lines

PVC is the most preferred plumbing pipe material for waste lines. These pipes are strong, chemical and heat resistant, and easy to cut. They are mostly used for waste lines, vent pipes and drain traps. PVC pipes are a variant of plastic pipes.

Chromed Brass

Chromed brass pipes are always used in lieu of PVC pipes for exposed waste lines such as p-traps or drain traps. These pipes have a bright shiny chrome finish which makes them suitable for exposed waste lines.

Chromed Copper for Water Supply Line

Just like chromed brass pipes, chromed copper pipes are used in places where the appearance of water supply lines is important. It is used as supply tubing for toilets and pedestal sinks. These pipes can be easily cut using a tubing cutter or a hacksaw.

Galvanized Iron for Water Supply Lines and Waste Lines

Most old homes have water supply lines and waste lines made of galvanized iron as this material was once the most preferred choice for plumbing pipes. But with newer variants which nullify the downsides of galvanized iron, these pipes are hardly used.

PEX for Water Supply Lines

PEX pipes are usually blue or red in color. They are used for water supply and radiant heating pipe. These pipes are strong, flexible, corrosion resistant and they withstand temperatures between 00C and 930C. Gradually, this pipe is becoming the favorite among contractors.

These are some common plumbing pipe materials found in homes. To know more about plumbing pipe materials get in touch with our plumbing experts at Pro Plumbing.

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