Plumbing is very important for smooth running of your house. It isn’t something you want to deal with every now and then. Of course, you would prefer if your plumbing system ran without any hiccups and doesn’t have any problems. The best way to achieve this is to hire a professional service. Most of the plumbing problems occur because of wrong installation and use of wrong kind of fittings. Why would you want to take a chance with you home? It is better to leave the job in hands of certified professionals.

Plumbing License is absolutely a must to practice plumbing in Edmonton. If are planning to buy a new house or office you must know certain things about plumbing licenses. The difference between an unlicensed and licensed plumber is more than a piece of paper. It is a difference of professionalism, conduct and capability to do the job right. Getting a license ensures that only those who know their trade and offer quality service get through.


What the law says

The Edmonton law states that new home plumbing work must be completed by a bonded and licensed plumbing contractor. A plumbing permit is required by Alberta Safety Codes Act while installing or altering plumbing. Homeowners, who apply for their own plumbing permits, must own and occupy the property and be completing the work themselves.

* Homeowner must apply for permits in person
* A permit should be obtained before starting any work or before booking an inspection
* They must complete the Single Family Homeowners Plumbing and Gas Application
* A detailed drawing with piping layout including fitting descriptions and sizing is must.
* After the work has been completed you must book an inspection by calling 311.
If you don’t have know head or tail of plumbing, it’s best to hand it over to a licensed professional.

Plumbing services

Contractors must be bonded and licensed with the city of Edmonton. They should provide plumbing services such as

* Water pipeline
* Back valves
* Sinks, Bath tubs and Toilets
* Auto washers
* Laundry Tubs
If you need a good licensed plumbing contractor you should book an appointment with Pro Plumbing. They provide the most affordable and professional plumbing services. As soon as you book an appointment they will send their technician at your place for inspection. He will then inspect your home thoroughly and give you an estimate. You can go through the estimate and add or subtract services you want to avail. After than Pro Plumbing plumbers will come to your place at your convenient time and take care of your plumbing needs. Hope the above information provided you some insight about plumbing permits and licensing needs in Alberta. It is always to your benefit to get your services from a certified and qualified professional plumbing agency like Pro Plumbing.

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