Bathtub clogs kill your bathroom experience. It is a problem that you can do without. The bath water drains slowly from your tub and you are left standing in a rising puddle of dirty water that can’t go down the drain.

You need to get that bathtub fixed. Here’s how you can do that.

Clean out Strainer

All bathtubs come with a metal strainer. Over time hair and soap matter will collect over it, preventing water from seeping down. Use your hand to pull out the hair and soap matter to clear the strainer. However, if you want to do a thorough job, grab a screwdriver, remove the metal strainer and clearer the drain completely, from the front and behind. Use a brush to make certain that you get the grime off.

Pour Warm Water and Baking Soda

If cleaning the strainer does not work, then your pipe has a blockage. Pouring warm water down the drain will help reduce the grease and dislodge the blockage matter. You can also try putting baking soda in the drain and then pouring vinegar.

Grab the Plunger

When water, baking soda and vinegar do not work, grab the plunger. Your pipe has a blockage, which is stopping the water from draining quickly from the tub. Ensure you remove the metal strainer before you start. Push the plunger down five or six times to pull out any dirt that is stuck in the pipe. If that fails to bring up anything, pour some water down the drain and try again. And if that doesn’t work, block the outlet with a rag, put the plunger over the drain and try again.

Snake the Drain

Get your hands on the metal cable. Start pushing the cable down the drain pipe. Move it slowly, gently and carefully so that you don’t bend the cable. At some point, you will feel resistance as the cable pushes against the blockage. Slowly keep increasing the force applied until the cable breaks through the blockage. Ensure the cable does not scratch against the pipe as this will damage it.

​In case you are unsure of what you are doing, it is always better to have professionals solve the problem. Pro Plumbing has been serving the residents of Edmonton for over the last decade. And if none of the suggestions work, you definitely need expert hands to take care of the problem.


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